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/Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others

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Eg 1 : The boy who is wearing a blue cap is my new classmate

II. /Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others

1. A. celebrate B. decorate C. describe D. generous 2. A. volcano B. volume C. occur D. model

3. A.weather B. reach C. leak D. between

4. A. typhoon B. cyclone C. sky D. sunny III/ Complete these sentences by choosing the correct words or phrases

1 . Passover is celebrated in Israel and by all people .

a. English b. Vietnamese c. Japanese d. Jewish . 2. We all like sticky rice cakes are made by our grandmother.

a. Whose b. Who c. Which d. Whom 3. The man is standing near Mrs Nga is my uncle.

a. Which b. Who c. Whose d. Where

4. Minh can’t play tennis with us . He has to his house because his mother has an important meeting.

a. look at b. look for c. look after d. look forward to 5. Mr John in that factory five years ago.

a. works b. has worked c. worked d. will work 6. It’s very nice …….. you to say so!

a. in b. on c. of d. at 7. If she studies harder , she the examination .

a. will pass b. would pass c. pass d. passed 8. We ……… since we left school.

a. haven’t met b. don’t meet c. didn’t meet d. won’t meet 9. Many people become …….. because of natural disasters every year.

a. homeland b. homeless c. homesick d. homework

10 . Na is very tired . , she has to finish her homework before going to bed . a. therefore b . however c. although d . because

IV/ Read the passage carefully, then answer the following questions. (2pts):

In the United States, people celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. On this occasion, mother usually receives greeting cards and gifts from her husband and children. The best gift of all for American Mom is a day of leisure. The majority of American mothers have outside jobs as well as housework, so their working days are often very hard. The working mother enjoys the traditional Mother’s Day custom of breakfast cooked by her family and served to her on a tray in bed. Later in that day, it’s also the traditional for the extended family group to get together for dinner, either in a restaurant or in one of their homes.

* Questions:

1. When do American people celebrate Mother’s Day?


2. What kinds of gifts does mother often get from her family members?


3. Is the best gift of all for American Mom a day of leisure?


4. Why are mothers’ working days often very hard?


V/Rewrite the following sentences as directed.

1. This is the car. I want you to buy it. ( combine, using “relative pronoun”)


2. We went to see the man. We helped him yesterday. ( combine, using “relative pronoun”)


3. Mrs Vui is a teacher of English. She is wearing a blue hat. ( combine, using “relative pronoun”)


4. He took a lot of photographs. The sky was dark. ( combine, using “although”)


Teaching :

Unit 10 : LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS Period 61 : Getting Started + Listen and read I. Objectives

By the end of the lesson Sts will be able to know more about UFO II. Teaching aids

Textbook , chalk , stereo , picture III. Procedures

A. Class organization B. New lesson

1 Warm up

Check the attendance

- Ask Ss to work in pairs and discuss the following questions :

1. Have you ever heard of UFOs ? 2. Do you think they really exist ?

3. Have you ever seen any films on UFOs


4. What are they about ?

5. What do you want to know about UFOs ?

6. If you saw a UFOs , what would you do ?

=> Gather their ideas and provide some facts about UFOs - Lead in the new lesson .

2. Pre – reading - Present vocab

Ask Sts to copy and listen , read vocab

* / Ask and answer these questions in pairs

1. Yes , I have / No , I haven’t 2. No , I don’t

3. Yes , I have

4. They were about UFOs

5. I want to know if they exist or not , where they come from , what they eat , drink …….

6. I would run away .

*/ Newwords

- Meteor (n) : small mass of matter from outer space entering atmosphere .

- Sighting ( n) : act of seeing .

- Alien (n) person from another world . - Sample (n) : example , demonstration . - Spacecraft (n) : craft for traveling in outer space .

- Egg-shaped (adj) : being looked like an egg.

- Check vocab : Ask Sts to match the words with the right meaning

3. While – reading

Set the scene of the text : “ UFOs are strange flying objects that some people report that have seen in the sky and believed to be spacecraft from another planet . Mane scientists do not believe , so they say that if people see a UFO , it might be an aircraft, a weather balloon ,a meteor . However , there is still evidence for people to believe in the existence of UFOs . Ask Sts to listen and read then Match the event with the right year .

Ask Sts to read the text and correct the matching then complete the notes .

4. Production

Ask Sts to read the right sentences again

Give feedback 5. Homework

Ask Sts to do a, b, again ( copy the whole sentences

Prepare for the next lesson

- Plate – like (adj ) : having features and physical appearance like a plate .

- Treetop (n) : the uppermost part of a tree

*/ Match

1. Evidence (roof, support )

2. Meteor ( falling star or shooting star ) 3. Aliens (unknown / strange people or things .

4. Collecting ( bringing together or gathering )

5. Captured ( caught as prisoner )

6. Disappeared ( became impossible to see )

*/ Matching 1.1947

a. A woman 2. 1952 b. A farmer 3. 1954

c. Kenneth Arnold 4. 1964

d. A young pilot 5. 1971

e. 1,500 UFOs sightings 6. 1978

f. Two men

*/ Complete the notes

a. An aircraft , a weather balloon or a meteor


b. …..nine large round objects traveling at about 2,800 meters an hour .

c. …..1,500 UFO sightings ….

d. …..a UFO above their …...

e. an egg-shaped object in one of his fields and also aliens collecting soil samples ….

f. ….. claimed they were captured by aliens and taken aboard a spacecraft .

g,and his plane disappeared after sighting a UFO ..

h, …. that he saw a plate –like device at a treetop 30 meters away…

Do these exercises again and prepare for the

next lesson .( speak + listen )

Teaching :

Unit 10 : Life on other planets Period 62 : Speak + Listen I. Objectives

By the end of the lesson Sts will be able to speak with a friend about things which might be on Mars such as : water , little creatures , minerals ….. and listen to a long talk about the moon and do listening comprehension exercise and get more information about the moon .

II. Teaching aids

Textbook , chalk , stereo , picture III. Procedures

A. Class organization B. New lesson

1. Warm up

Check the attendance

Hold a game : Find words about planets in the solar system

2. Pre – speaking Present vocab

- Translation :

- Synonym = precious stones

- Eg : The satrs are sparkling in the sky

- Translation - Translation : - Translation

Vocab practice : R . O R

*/ present : May / might – talk about present prediction or possibility of st Give eg :

*/ Practice

Ask Sts to guess what is in the teacher’s hand

3. while – speaking

* Find words about planets in the solar system

Venus Saturn Mercury Mars

Uranus / Sirius Neptune

Pluto Earth Sun Jupiter

*/ Newwords Microorganism ( n) Gemstone ( n) Sparkle ( v) Creature ( n) Trace ( n) Mineral ( n)

*/ Read and remember - Listen and copy the eg : There may be water in Mars . It might be a cake

Ask Sts to match the drawings with the words in the box .

Ask Sts to role play the dialogue then use the words given to make similar ones by replacing the underlined words .

Ask some pairs to demonstrate before the class .

Correct mistakes + pronunciation 4. Post – speaking

Ask Sts to talk about life on Mars , on the moon and on other planets as the Sts know

*/ Listen

+/ Pre- listening Pre- teach vocab

Introduce the aims and some new words of the lesson to Ss .

* Checking technique : Slap the board +/ While - Listening :

- Have Ss listen to the description of the moon . Then check stick the correct statements about the moon .

- Turn on the tape twice and one more to check

Feed back and give correct answers +/ Post - Listening

- Ask Ss to work in groups and make a short presentation about the moon .

- Call on some Ss to make the presentation in front of class. Comment and have

feedback on their performance.

- Remark and correct the mistakes . 5. Homework : Ask Sts to :

Do exercises in workbook . Prepare the next lesson .

S + may / might + V

- Match the drawings with the right words

*/ Read the dialogue then make similar ones in pairs

Eg :

Nam : What do these drawings say , Hung ? Hung : There might be water in Mars .

Nam : And what about those black sparkling spots on the right corner ?

Hung : Well , they may be trace of

gemstones . There may be a lot of precious stones on Mars .

- Make dialogues and present before the class

- Discuss the life on Mars , on the moon and other planets

*/ Listen Newwords

- Science for fun program (n) : Translation - Crater (n) : mouth of volcano .

- Olympic Champion ( n) : person who beated all other competitors in the Olympic Games .

- 1/6 : one the sixth - jump ( v)

*/ Go to the board and slap the words as the teacher reads

- Listen and choose the true sentences about the moon

True sentences : a-c-d-f-i-j

- Talk about the moon - Do the exercise at home an dprepare for the next lesson .

Teaching :

Unit 10 : Life on other planets

Trong tài liệu GA Tiếng Anh 9 (Trang 119-125)