Complete the sentences with the correct form GERUND or INFINITIVE

In document PRONUNCIATION Task 1: Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest (Page 60-63)


II. Complete the sentences with the correct form GERUND or INFINITIVE

1. The store ordered ……… (refund) the money I paid for the book I returned.

2. Don‟t pretend …………. (be) what you aren‟t.

3. I persuaded my brother –in – law not …………... (buy) that old car.

4. Annie denied ……… (throw) the brick through the window.

5. My father expects me ……..(get) high marks in school.

6. According to the sign on the restaurant door, all diners are required ………..(wear) shirts and shoes.

7. We are planning ……….. (visit) several historical sites in Moscow.

8. They appear………. (be) no way to change our reservation for the play at this late date.

9. For some strange reasons, I keep………….(think) to is Sunday.

10 All the members agreed……….. (attend) the emergency meeting.

Tenses Revision

1. Mr. John_______ to Los Angeles in 1992.

A. had gone B. has gone C. went D. was going

2. What ______ to you yesterday?

A. happened B. did happen C. had happened D. has happened

3. I never go to Australia. I _____ to Australia yet.

A. will go B. went C. haven‟t been D. have been

4. What _____ do at 7:00 tomorrow morning.

A. will you B. shall you C. were you D. did you

5. Why ______ you come yesterday?

A. couldn‟t B. can‟t C. didn‟t D. A and C

6. My mother ______ in this factory since 1990

A. works B. worked C. has worked D. had worked

7. I _____ my hair before breakfast this morning.

A. washed B. had washed C. was washing D. have washed

8. I _____ about him when he suddenly came in.

A. talk B. talked C. am talking D. was talking

9. He will finish this work before you _______ here tomorrow.

A. leave B. will leave C. would leave D. are going to leave

10. Don‟t make noise. My mother ______ with her friends.

A. is talking B. was talking C. talks D. talked

11. He _____ in this office for ten years by next Monday.

A. will have been working B. would be working C. will work D. will be working 12. No sooner _____ the office than the telephone rang.

A. was he leaving B. he was leaving C. he had left D. had he left

13. George______ this movie three times.

A. sees B. has seen C. saw D. had seen

14. Food, air and clothes _______ necessary for life.


A. was B. were C. is D. are

15. He ______ a visit to Halong Bay in 1995.

A. had paid B. paid C. has paid D. pays

16. This morning while I ______ for the bus, the rain stopped.

A. waited B. have waited C. had waited D. was waiting

17. What _____ during the last few weeks.

A. did you do B. had you been doing C. have you been doing D. were you doing 18. Up to now, the teacher _______ our class five tests.

A. gives B. is giving C. has given D. had given

19. The students _____ English now.

A. study B. are studying C. will study D. have studied

20. I don‟t feel good. I _____ work tomorrow.

A. won‟t be going B. won‟t go to C. don‟t go D. went

Rewrite the following sentences.

1. Why don‟t you stop smoking?” the doctor said to him.

 The doctor advised him ____________________________________________________________

2. My friend said to me : “We have known everything about that.”

 My friend told ____________________________________________________________________

3. 'You'd better look for a new job, Andrew.'

 Jane advised ______________________________________________________________________

4. 'It was nice of you to invite me to your birthday party. Thanks very much.

 Mike thanked_______________________________________________________________________

5. 'I must have made a mistake in the calculations.'

 Mr Forest admitted __________________________________________________________________

6. 'I'll pay for the meal.'

 Sarah insisted _____________________________________________________________________

7.Perhaps we can go to Paris for the weekend.'

 Neil suggested ____________________________________________________________________

8.'I'm sorry I couldn't come to visit you last summer.'

 Kate apologized ___________________________________________________________________

9.'We'll organize the Christmas party.'

 They promised _____________________________________________________________

10.I hear you won the championship. Congratulations!'

 Dane congratulated _________________________________________________________________

11. 'You're selfish.'

 Jane accused _______________________________________________________________________

12. 'You mustn't drink too much caffeine.'

 Marta warned ______________________________________________________________________


1. “……” I like to read picture and adventure books.

A. What are your like books? B. What kinds of books are you like?

C. What are your favorite books? D. What do you like to read books?

2. ………? Yes. That‟s very kind of you.

A. Do I help you? B. May I help you?C. Can I help you? D. B and C are correct.

3. ………? They‟re $100.

A. How much money are your jeans?B. How much are your jeans?

C. How much money do your jeans cost?D. How much are your jeans‟ cost?

4. I promise to mail you. “ ………. “

A. Sure B. I‟m afraid not.C. No, thank you. D. Don‟t forget

5. Which sport do you prefer to play?” …………”

A. I‟m good playing soccer. B. I‟d like playing soccer.C. I enjoy playing soccer. D. A, B and C are correct.

6. ……….. ? We do.

A. Who take part in the game?B. Who participate the game?

C. Who take the part in the game?D. A, B and C are correct.

7. “Thank you very much for a lovely party”“ ………”

A. You are welcome B. ThanksC. Cheers D. Have a good day 8. “ How are you today, Thomas?” “ ………”

A. Thanks B. No, thanks C. Fine, thanks D. Yes, thanks 9 “What‟s your name?”“………”

A. Pardon? B. Really? C. OK D. Forgive me 10.“ Happy Christmas!” “ ………!”


A. You are the same B. Same for you C. The same to you D. Happy Christmas with you 11“ Excuse me! Where‟s the post office?”: “ ……….”

A. Don‟t worry B. It‟s over there C. I‟m afraid not D. Yes, I think so 12. “How did you get there?”“ ………..”

A. I came here last night B. The train is so crowded C. Is it far from here? D. I came here by train 13. “Whose bicycle is that?” “ ………”

A. It‟s just outside B. It‟s Jane C. It‟s Jane‟s D. No, It‟s over there 14. “Have you ever been abroad?”“………..”

A. Yes, I have B. No, I didn‟t C. No, I don‟t D. Yes, I do 15. “Congratulations!”: “………”

A. What a pity! B. Thank youC. I‟m sorry D. You are welcome 16. “ You don‟t work at weekends, do you ?”-“---“

A. Yes, I don‟t B. No problemC. Of course not D. Never mind 17. “ Can I help you?”-“---“

A. At two o‟clock B. I can help youC. No, I don‟t D. Yes, please 18. “ It‟s time for lunch.”- “---“

A. Oh, good ! B. One hourC. No, I don‟t D. Haft past twelve 19. “ Would you like a drink?”-“---“

A. I don‟t like coffee B. I prefer teaC. Coffee, please D. Never mind 20. “ Joe has broken this plate” – “---“

A. Here you are B. Thanks a lotC. That‟s very good D. It doesn‟t matter


1. A. change B. children C. machine D. church 2. A. cheese B. child C. chemical D. teacher

3. A. chorus B. aching C. charity D. Christmas

4. A. teacher B. change C. kitchen D. chemist 5. A. game B. bridge C. against D. garbage

6. A. generous B. gene C. general D. goal

7. A. guitarist B. passenger C. generous D. villager 8. A. children B. change C. church D. school 10. A. largest B. gas C. danger D. general 11. A. Christina B. champion C. change D. chat

12. A. cheap B. school C. teacher D. chopstick 13. A. chair B. cheap C. chemistry D. child

14. A. sneaky B. ready C. scream D. please 15. A. villager. B. generous C. bridge D. guitarist

16. A. expensive B. think C. next D. nose 17.A. iron B. celebrate C. Parent D. restaurant 18.A. happy B. husband C. hobby D. honest 19.A. who B. where C. when D. why 20.A. home B. hold C. hour D. her 24.A. excited B. kind C. nice D. quick

25. A. neighbors B. friends C. relatives D.photographs PHẦN III. ÔN TẬP VỀ VIẾT LẠI CÂU

1. “Would you like to have a drink with me?”

 ...

2. “You‟ve got to lend me some money! Please, please!”

 ...

3. “Give me your homework”

 ...

4. “I‟ll buy you an ice-cream”.

 ...

5. “Please, don‟t smoke in my car”.

 ...

6. “I‟m sorry I didn‟t phone you earlier”.

 ...

7. “Don‟t play football in the street, boys!”

 ...

8. “You broke my glasses yesterday.”

 ...


9. “I‟ve always wanted to become the first female pilot in Vietnam”

 ...

10. “No, I didn‟t tell her about your problem”.

 ...

11. “If you happen to see the man, send my regards to him”.

 ...

12. “The boss would complain if you didn‟t report it to him”.

 ...

13. “If you had taken your dad‟s advice, you wouldn‟t have made such a silly mistake”.

 ...

14. Stop talking or you won‟t understand the lesson.

 ...

15. I don‟t have enough money to buy the car.

 ...

16. Without water, these plants will die.

 ...

17. We got lost because we didn‟t have a map.

 ...

18. “If you type this letter out for me, I‟ll buy you a drink, OK? Thanks!” he said (persuade)


19. “Sure, I don‟t mind at all if you use my typewriter. Go ahead.” he said (allow)

=> .………..

20. “Don‟t forget: you‟ve got to hand in your work this evening” he said (remind)


In document PRONUNCIATION Task 1: Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest (Page 60-63)