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New lesson 1. Warm up :

Trong tài liệu GA Tiếng Anh 9 (Trang 45-51)

Period 12 REVISION I . Objectives

B. New lesson 1. Warm up :

Ask Sts to read about each school again

- Ask Sts to read Mr Lam’s note and find a suitable school for him .

4. Post – reading

- Ask Ss to work in pairs to interview . Example :

Interviewer : Do you want to improve your English at the language center ? S1 : Yes, I,d like to improve my speaking skills .

Interviewer : Which one do you choose ?

S1 : I think I will choose New English Institute .

Interviewer : Why do you choose it ? S1 : Because they offer weekend classes for beginners

5. Homework

Ask Sts to study vocab + exercise in the exercise book .

b. Foreign Language Council Because it meets all Mr Lam’s need Mr Lam’s note

English class - early evening - intermediate level

- starting late October / early November

- Make similar dialogues

- Do homework at home


Teaching : 24/11/2017

Unit : 4 . LEARNING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE Period 24 - Write I. Objectives

By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to know about the form of the letter and notices of a formal letter .

Skill : Writing and speaking II . Preparations

Textbooks , chalk , flashcards III. Procedures

A.Class organization 9A1...9A2...

B.New lesson

team by answering these questions : 1. Who should take this course ? 2. On what days is the course

available ?

3. How much is it ? 4. What is its address ?

5. What is its telephone number ? ( Which one answers more is the winner ? )

2. Pre writing

- Introduce “ A letter of inquiry is a request for information or action . Letter of inquiry is a kind of formal letters . And in all

formal letters , you must include the addresses of the writer and the recipient . Besides , you must adopt strict regulations about the format and structure of the letter ” and the form of the letter :

Ask Sts to read the letter :

- Call on some Ss to read the letter aloud and find the form of an inquiry letter .

Some structures : Dear sir (s) / Madam

Could you please send me .?

I look forward to hearing from you . Yours faithfully

3. While - writing :

- Ask Ss to read the advertisements in 5 . Choose one of the school you want to attend to improve your English .

- Ask them to exchange and compare their writings with a friend .

- Call on some Ss to read the writings Correct common mistakes in front of class.

4. Post - writing :

- Imagine that you want to attend an English summer course , using these questions :

1. When does the course start ? 2. How long does the course last ?

English Fluency From beginners to advanced

Available on Mon/Wed/Fri or Tue/Thu/Sat Free : 150 USD

Add : 36 Cat Linh Street Tel : 7338402

*/ Answer these questions . The winner is the team who has more answers than others .

*/ Formal letters format

Your address ………...

Your city , state and zip code ……..


… Full name of the person receiving the letter

….The person,s street address

… The person,s city

Dear ……...: The person,s shortened name ( Mr../Ms..)

……….( your letter ) ...

Yours Sincerely Your signature

*/ Write a letter in groups Sample

20 NTH street , Yen Bai city


November 21st 2009 To

The manager of Foreign Language Council

36 Cat Linh Street Hanoi , Vietnam Dear Mr ……..

I saw your school advertisement in today’s edition of the Vietnam News

3. How much is the course ?

4. How many hours a week is it ?

5. How many students are there in a class ? - Ask Ss to work in pairs to rewrite the above questions more politely , using : Can you tell me ……….?

I would like to know …....

- Call on some pairs to demonstrate in front of class.

- Ask them to repeat the correct answers and copy .

5. Home work :

Ask Sts to complete the letter after correction .

I am ointerested in learning English and I would like some information about your school .

I speak a little English but I want to learn to read and write it . Could you please send details of courses and fees ? Ican complete a spoken English test if necessary .

I look forward to hearing from you . Yours faithfully


*/ Role play : a student and a manager of a language center .

Eg : A : When does the course start ? B : It starts on November 1st . ………..

*/ Make these questions more polite 1. Can you tell me when the course lasts ? 2. Can you tell me how long the course lasts ?

3. I would like to know how much the course is .

4. Can you tell me how many hours a week it is ?

5. I would like to know how many students there are in class.


Ký duyệt của tổ trưởng chuyên môn

Teaching : 1/12/2017

Period 25 REVISION I . Objectives

By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to consolidate the present perfect with Since , For , Yet , Already .

- The present perfect and the past simple and the passive with ordinary verbs and modal verbs .

- The structure with “ wish ”

II. Teaching aids T: Textbook,cassette ,flashcard Ss: Book, notebook, pen...

III. Procedures.

A.Class organization : 9A1...9A2...

B.New lesson 1. Structure:

. Prepositions of time : at/ in/ on.

+ At :

. giờ : at two o’clock/ at 7 p.m . tuổi : at the age of ten/ two.

* Note : at night at(on) the weekends.

Christmas New year’s Eve bed time

dinner lunch + On :

- ngày có tháng, thứ : on Tuesday, on October 2nd

- buổi của ngày trong tuần :On Monday morning/ On Sunday afternoon....

- nghĩa “ngay sau”:

Ex. : On her arrival at home, she phoned her parents.

(Ngay khi về đến nhà, cô ấy điện cho cha mẹ cô.) + In:

- Tháng, năm, mùa, thế kỷ: in May, in 1998, in summer...

- Phần của ngày : in the morning/ afternoon/ evening..

- chỉ khoảng thời gian trong tương lai, sự kiện xảy ra.

Eg. : .The train will leave in ten minutes.

. We’ll have an E test in two days.

Note : Không dùng in/on/at với : next/ last/ every/ today/yesterday/ tormorrow.

2. Adverb clauses of result :

So/ therefore + clause

Eg. : It’s a very fine day; therefore, we decide to go for a picnic.

Note : a. Clause +, So + clause b. Clause; therefore, + clause.

Meaning : Do đó

 Tag questions :

Ex: It’s a lovely day, isn’t it?

Statement tag – question

Form: possitive statement + negative question tag Negative statement + possitive question tag

 Gerund after some verbs;

Admit, advoid, consider, delay, deny, dislike……

II. Practice: T asks ss to do ex.

Ex1: Choose the correct preposition to complete each sentence.

1. Each of us wants to have a picnic………the mountain.(on/up/at/of) 2. I think I have a lot……..things to do. (for/ about / of / in)

3. Mr Parker grows maize……….. his farm. (in / at / on / to)

4. After visiting Mr. Parker’s farm, Van was able to learn a lot………the life on a farm.

(of / about / with / to)

5. Mrs Parker works part-time………. a grocery store in a nearby town. (in/ into / at / on) 6. Mr.Parker’s farm is about 100km………..Columbus.(from / into/ about/ of)

7. We are now getting everything ready………the holidays. (about / with / toward / for) 8. Van will be moving to a new address………the end of September. (at / in / for / on) Ex2 : Complete the sentences with on/ in / at / for / from / to or between.

a. He goes to his office everyday except Sunday. ...Sunday he stays at home and works in his garden.

b. I’m turning to Englang...the end of this term.

c. He started going to school...the end of five. So now he’s been in school...ten years.

d. ...First I found the work very tiring, but... a few weeks I got used to it.

e. I’m going to Paris...Monday morning with Tom. Would you like to come with us ? f. Children are very fond of swimming...the summer.

h. My father works...7 am...5pm.

Ex3 : Match sentences. Then write the full ones.


1. They planted a new kind of rice, a. so she can speak E very fluently.

2. He didn’t learn hard, b.so they had a very good crop last year.

3. She’s learned E since she was 5. c. so she couldn’t get up early this morning.

4. She went to bed late last night, d. so he failed at the exam.

5. He was very tired, e. so he could’t climb to the top of the mountain.

f. so she can’t write well.

*Answer keys : 1- b, 2- d , 3- a, 4- c, 5 - e.

Ex4 : Combine the sentences below, using the words in brackets.

1. The movie was boring. We went home before it finished. (so)

The movie was boring,so we went home before (it) finished.

2. Mai opened the door. Mai greeted the guests. (and)

 Mai opened the door ,and greeted the guests.

3. We started the trip very early. We reached the village before noon. (so that)

We started the trip very so that we reached the village before noon.

4. Liz saw some wild ducks. Liz was resting under a tree. (while) Liz saw some wild ducks while she was resting under a tree.

5. Hoa is very sick. She can’t sit up. (so...that)  Hoa is so sick that she can’t sit up.

6. Ba felt tired and hungry. Lan felt tired and hungry. (so) Ba felt tired and hungry.So does Lan.

7. We enjoyed the fresh air in the countryside. We enjoyed the food there. (both) We enjoyed both the fresh air and the food in the countryside.

8. The water is very cold. We can’t swim in it. (too) The water is too cold for us to swim in.

9. Peter didn’t have money to buy a bus ticket. He had to walk home. (so) Peter didn’t have money to buy a bus ticket, so he had to walk home.

10. Mr. Parker feeds the chicken. He collects their eggs. (not only...but also) Mr.Parker not only feeds the chicken but also collects their eggs.

EX5/ Choose the word that is pronounced differently from that of the others.

1, A. energy B. liter C. shower D. serve 2, A. studied B. interested C. turned D. installed

3, A. separate B. select C. electronic D. English 4, A. potatoes B. goes C. tomatoes D. diseases Answer keys

1. D 2. B 3. D 4. D

EX 6/ Choose the best word to complete the sentences.

1, The old man walked... to the park ( slow / slowly)

2, The weather is cold now ... we can not go swimming (so, because, however) 3, Do you like milk ... coffee ? (and / or)

4, Hoa speaks English quite ...( good / well )

5, Minh has good voice ... he can sing English songs well ( however / therefore )

---Teaching 1/12 Period 26 - THE SECOND TEST I. Objectives

By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to summarize the language they have just studied from unit 3 – unit 4

- If - sentence ( type 1 ) - Wish

- Prepositions of time - Adverb clauses of result - Reported speech

II. Teaching aids T: Textbook,cassette ,flashcard Ss: Book, notebook, pen...

III. Procedures.

A.Class organization : 9...

Trong tài liệu GA Tiếng Anh 9 (Trang 45-51)