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Rewrite sentences so that the meaning doesnot change

Trong tài liệu GA Tiếng Anh 9 (Trang 63-69)

1. “ How will you use English in the future , Nam ? ”

 I asked ………

2. “ Don’t tell lies to me ” The teacher said to us .

 The teacher asked ………

3. “ Do you want to come here next month ?

 He asked ………

4. “ I’m your best friend ” I said to Nga

 I told …

Teaching 19/12

Period 35 - THE FIRST SEMASTER TEST I . Objectives

- Check student’s understanding about and get mark . - Reported speech

- If sentence : type 1 with modal verbs - Tag questions

- Vocab : Cloth/learning foreign languages / the media II.Teaching aids

Paper copies . II. Procedures.

A.Class organization : 9...

B.New lesson A MATRIX

Nội dung Nhận biết Thông hiểu Vận dụng Tổng

mức độ thấp Mức độ cao


I/ Listeing No. : 4 Mark : 2

2 nou n


2 verb 1p

4 2 II/Phonetic

No.of items:5 Mark :1

2 vowe l {i,a}


1 endin g (ed) 0,2

1 vowel {ou}


1 Cons onant (ch) 0,2

5 1


Vocab) No.of items:10 Mark :3

2 prep ositi on 0,6

3 tense


2 conj


3 word form 0,9


3 IV/ Reading

No.of items:4 Mark : 2

1 scan ning 0,5

1 scan ning 0,5

1 skim ming 0,5

1 skim ming 0,5

4 2 V/ Writing

No.of items:4 Mark :2

1 So 0,5

1 condi tioal 0,5

1 wish


1 cond

0,5 4

2 Tổng

No :27 Mark :10

4 1

4 2

4 1,1

4 2

3 0,8

2 1

4 1,1

2 1

27 10


I/ LISTENING. Listen then fill in the gaps .

Before newspapers were (1)……….., town criers would go through (2)……….streets ringing a (3)………… They shouted the (4)……….news as they were walking .

II/ PHONETIC Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others

1. a .practical b. fashion c. tradition d. pattern 2. a. washed b. worked c. decided d.stopped

3. a. source b. shout c. sport d. thought

4. a. designer b. climate c. shrine d. pity 5. a. wach b. scholarship c. children d. teacher

III/ III/VOCAB &STRUCTURE Complete these sentences by choosing the correct words or phrases

1. My class consists ………. thirty-four students..

a. in b. for c. about d. of

2. My sister studies very hard, ……….. she always gets good marks . a. because b. so c. although d. but

3. Maryam and Lan are pen pals and they ………….. at least once a month . a. correspond b. visit c. meet d. talk

4. Buddhism is the official ………..of Thailand.

a. region b. religion c. capital d .language 5. She wishes she………Hanoi some day

a. visit b. visits c. visited d.would visit 6. In the 1990s, the sale of jeans stopped ………..

a. to grow b. growing c. grow d. to be grown 7. Nguyen Du is a famous Vietnamese………. .

a. writer b. musician c. poem d. poet 8. This skirt is very lovely and ……….

a. fashionable b. fashion c. fashioned d. fashionably 9. The interviewer asked her ………….. her name.………..

a. what/was b. if/was c.what/is d .if /it 10. All the main streets in the city will ………..

a. repair b. to repair c. repairing d. be repaired III./READING

Read the passage. Then answer the questions.

Last weekend, Tuan went to Oxford. He got up early and took a bus, so he arrived there on time. In the morning , he visited the National Gallary , Big Ben and the Hide Park.

In the afternoon, he came to the souvenir shop there, he met English students. He was happy to practice speaking English with many foreigners. Although he felt tired , he had a nice day.


1. Where did Tuan go last weekend?

. 2. Which places did he visit ?

. 3. What did he do with the foreigners?

. 4. Did he have a nice day ?

. IV/ WRITING(2.5m)

Rewrite each sentence as directed (2.5 m)

1. We went swimming because the weather was very hot. ( using “so”)


2. She gave him a ticket to the concert.

- He ………

3. Today isn’t Sunday..

- I wish ………

4. “ Where do you live? I asked Nam .

- I asked Nam ………

5 Go right now or you’ll be late..

- If ………

Teaching : 21/12

Period 36 - CORECT THE SEMESTER TEST I. Objectives

Help Sts to find out the mistakes they made and correct II. Teaching aids

Give mark to each test III . Procedures 1. Warm up

Check the number of Sts attending the lesson ::

Hold a game : build words 2. Mistake recognition

Give the test to the Sts and then ask Sts to have peer correction

3. Practice

Ask Sts to do the test on the board again

*/ Find out the mistakes in the partner’s test

*/ Correct the mistakes ANSWER KEY

I/ 1m

A. 1.c 2.c B. 3.b 4.d II/ 3ms

1.d( 0.25)2.b 3.a 4.b 5.d 6.b 7.b 8.a 9.a 10.d 11.c 12.c III/3.5m

A/ 1.5m 1. at (0.25) 2.encourages 3.wearing

4. Production

Ask Sts to do multiple choice

Things need to improve

- writing skill is not good , ask sts to practice more

- language focus is also poor , ask Sts to do more exercises in exercise book

5. Homework

Ask Sts to prepare for Unit 6

4. secondly 5. equal 6. whether


1. Tuan went to Oxford

2. He visited the National Gallary , Big Ben and the Hide Park.

3. He practiced speaking English with many foreigners

4. Yes, he did V/ 2.5ms

1. The weather was hot, so we went swimming . ( 0.5)

2. He was given a ticket to the concert.

3. I wish today were Sunday . 4. I asked Nam where he lived..

5. If you don’t go right now, you will be late.

Teaching : 22/12

Unit 5 : THE MEDIA Period 30 - WRITE I. Objectives

By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to write a paragraph about the advantages of the Internet .

Vocab : +/ The Internet as a source of information +/ The Internet as a source of entertainment +/ The Internet as a means of education

II. Teaching aids T: Textbook,cassette ,flashcard Ss: Book, notebook, pen...

III. Procedures.

A.Class organization : 9...

B.New lesson 1.Warm up

Hold a game

Hang Man Internet / computer

2. Pre – writing

Ask Sts to read the text P 43 / 44 again Ask Sts to make a list of benefits of the Internet by asking questions

- Is the Internet a source of information


- Which information can we get ? - Can we know about the weather ? - Can we see films ?

- Can we play games or listen to music?

- Can we study anything by surfing the web ?

- Can we order tickets ?


Ask Sts to discuss in groups and peer correction then give the correct answer Ask Sts the form of writing an essay . How many parts are there ?

3. While – writing

Ask Sts to write a passage about the benefits of the Internet

Go around and give help if necessary

4. Production

Ask Sts to have peer correction then choose one group to correct

Ask Sts to read the whole passage again and point out the mistakes they make

Benefits of the Internet

+/ The Internet as a source of information News , weather forecast , city maps +/ The Internet as a source of


Music , movies , chatting , games , novels +/ The Internet as a means of education On – line schools , on – line lessons +/ Easy to get information

+/ communicate with friends

Email , chatting , webcam…………

+/ Shopping

Advertise / order goods , tickets -There are three parts : introduction / body / conclusion


The Internet has increasingly developed and become part of our every day life . And no one can deny the benefits of the Internet . The Internet is a source of information . It’s really a very fast and convenient way to get information . You can get the latest local or global news easily . You can check weather conditions before you go somewhere You can find a timetable or a city map you like .

The Internet is a very fast way to

5. Homework

Ask Sts to write it again after correction

communicate with your friends and relatives by means of e- mail or chatting , webcam . Besides , the Internet is a source of entertainment . You can listen to all kinds of music , radio or watch TV . The Internet is also a rich source of education . We can learn English through many interesting programs , materials or courses . For me it is a great invention of modern life . It makes our world a small village .

Teaching : 28/12

Unit 5 : THE MEDIA

Trong tài liệu GA Tiếng Anh 9 (Trang 63-69)