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Năm học: 2021-2022 I.Vocabulary & Grammar structure:

Unit Vocabulary Grammar structure

11 Toothache, earache, sore, throat, stomachache, dentist, take a rest, carry, sweet.

1. Bạn làm sao vậy?

*What’s the matter with you?

I have….

- Lời khuyên bạn lên làm gì và không lên làm gì.

*You should/shouldn’t….

Yes, I will./Ok, I won’t.

12 Knife, matches, stair, stove, arm, leg, climb, run down, fall off, break, cut, burn.

*Lời nhắc nhở không lên…..


Ok, I won’t.

Câu hỏi nguyên nhân tại sao….

*Why shouldn’t I……?

Giải thích bởi vì….


13 Free time, karate, fishing, skating, camping.

*Bạn làm gì vào thời gian rảnh rỗi của bạn?

*What do you do in your free time?


*Bố, mẹ bạn làm gì vào thời gian rảnh rỗi?

* What does your father/mother do in his/her free time?


14 Order, far away, watermelon, seed,

*Những gì đã xảy ra trong câu truyện?


intelligent, greedy. *What happened in the story?

*first, then, next, in the end,…

*Bạn nghĩ gì về……

*What do you think of…?

I think…..

15 Pilot, writer, architect, patient, look, after, design.

a nurse/look after patiens, an architect/ design

buildings, a pilot/fly a plane, a writer/write stories for children.

Bạn muốn làm gì trong tương lai?

*What would you like tobe in the future?

Tại sao bạn muốn trở thành bác sỹ?

Bởi vì……….

*Why wuold you like tobe a doctor?

-Because, I’d like to……

16 Museum, bus stop, theatre, pharmacy.

-on the corner of the street.

-next to/ stadium.


-opposite/ market.

Phu Quoc Island, the post office, Ho Xhi Minh City, Sa Pa.

- take a boat.

- walk for five minutes.

- go byplane.

- take a coat.

* Hỏi địa điểm.

*Excuse me, where’s the museum?

- It’s on the corner of the street.

* Bạn đến đó bằng phương tiện gì?

*How can I get to Phu Quoc Island?

- I can take a boat.

17 A bar of chocolate, a carton of lemonade, a packet of biscuits, a glass of orange juice.

- rice, bananas, water, sausages.

*Bạn thích ăn, uống cái gì?

- Tôi thích ………

- Wold you like to eat/drink?

-I’d like…………., Please.

* How many /How much :


- four bowls.

- three bananas.

- three bottles.

-two sausages.

-Dùng để hỏi cho danh từ đồ ăn/ uống, đếm được và ko đếm được ở dạng số nhiều …?

* How many + DT đếm dược ở dạng số nhiều…?

* How much + DT không đếm dược ở dạng số nhiều…?

Ex: How many bananas…..?( DT đếm được).

-How much water…….?(DT không đếm được).

* How many/much……do you eat/drink everyday?

18 Hot, cold, warm, cool.

-Sunny -Snowy -Stormy -Cloudy

Summer hot, flowers, winter very cold, snow, spring cold, wind, autumn cool, rain.

*Hỏi về thời tiết ngày mai sẽ như thế nào?(dự đoán)

*What will the weather be like tomorrow?

- It will be hot and sunny.

* Hỏi thời tiết về mùa hè, thu, đông, xuân ở đất nước bạn như thế nào?

-What’s …….. like in your country?

- It’s usually……….( nó thường….)

19 -Ben Thanh Market/ the City theatre.

-Ba Dinh Pagoda/HoaLu Temple.

- Trang Tien bridge/Thien Mu Pagoda.

-Thong Nhat Park/the Museum of History.

- Thu Le Zoo/interesting.

-Dam sen Park/ exciting.

- Ha long bay/ attactive.

- Phu Quoc Island/beautiful

* Nơi nào bạn muốn đến thăm bảo tàng hay chùa?

*Which place would you like to visit, a museum or a pagoda?

*I’d like to visit a pagoda.

- Bạn nghĩ gì về vườn thú Thu Le?

*What do you think of Thu Le Zoo?

- Nó hấp dẫn hơn tôi mong đợi.

-It’s more interesting than I expected.

20 -large/Ben Thanh market, * Cái nào lớn hơn thành phố New York hay


Dong Xuan market.

-busy/life in the city/life in the mountains.

-small/Hoan Kiem Lake/West Lake.

-noisy/life in the city/ life in the countryside.

- expensive/life in Da Nang/life in HO Chi Minh City.

-exciting/life in the city/life in the country.

-beautiful/ Ha Long City/

Nha trang.


*Which one is bigger, New York City or Sydney?

- I think New York City is.

* Cái nào đẹp hơn Ha Long hay Nha trang?

*Which one is more beautiful, Ha Long City or Nha Trang?

- I think Ha Long City is.

Ngoc Thuy Primary school School year: 2021-2022

Name: ……… REVISION 4

Class: 5…


Odd one out:

1. A. story B. worry C. fly D. study

2. A. ride B. like C. nice D. fish

3. A. fever B. very C. bed D. well

4. A. school B. chocolate C. child D. children 5. A. many B. animal C. engineer D. friend

Odd one out:

6. A. singer B. worker C. farmer D. engineer 7. A. cartoon B. programme C. music D. classroom 8. A. garden B. question C. delicious D. water 9. A. intelligent B. greedy C. princess D. favorite


10. A. character B. apple C. because D. stupid I. Vocabulary:

Odd one out:

11. A. engineer B. teacher C. farm D.


12. A. stomachache B. headache C. fever D.


13. A. bike B. motorbike C. plane D.


14. A. write B. read C. song D.


15. A. apple B. fox C. elephant D.


16. A. envelope B. stamp C. letter D. coach

17. A. left B. right C. opposite D. welcome

18. A. show B. take C. street D. tell

19. A. shoe B. bakery C. drugstore D. restaurant

20. A. need B. want C. could D. would

A. summer B. cold C. winter D. spring

A. swimming B. volleyball C. bike D. basketball

A. play B. badminton C. go D. ride

A. activity B. season C. weather D. like

A. cool B. warm C. fall D. hot



How to stay healthy?

Answer 1. Wash your hands a. your teeth twice a day

2. Eat b. a shower everyday

3. Not drink c. healthy food

4. Take d. morning exercise regularly 5. Keep your nails e. before having meals

6. Do g. short and clean

Choose the correct answer:

16. What would you like to be in the future? – I’d like to be _____ writer.

A. a B. an C. Ø D. the

17. I think Tam is _______.

A. greedy B. kind C. ugly D. stupid

18. My favorite book is _______.

A. comics B. songs C. TV D. children

19. The main character in Snow White is _______.

A. the princess B. Snow White C. Doraemon D. Tom 20. Trung would like to be a _______ in the future.

A. pilot B. engineer C. artist D. architect 21. What are you doing? – I am _______ my favorite books.

A. read B. reading C. listen D. listening 22. Nam has a high temperature. He has a/an _______.

A. earache B. stomachache C. fever D. toothache

23. Why do you would like to be a teacher? - _______ I’d like to teach children.

A. When B. Because C. What D. Where 24. Why would you like to be a nurse? - _______.

A. Because I would like to look after the patients.

B. Because I would like to teach the children.


C. Because I would like to write stories for children.

D. Because I would like to fly a plane.

25. Linda has a pain in her throat. She has a/an _______.

A. toothache B. sore throat C. earache D. backache 26. Don’t ride your _____ so fast!

A. car B. matches C. bike D. stairs 27. You shouldn’t play with the knife because it’s _______.

A. small B. sharp C. tall D. deep 28. What is she doing? – She _______ with matches.

A. are playing B. was playing C. is playing D. am playing 29. What’s the ______ with you, Tony? – I’ve got a fever.

A. problem B. matter C. happiness D. luck 30. What do you do in your free time? – I surf _______.

A. the Internet B. comics C. homework D. flowers 31. John is riding his bike _______ the park.

A. on B. at C. above D. in

32. I love karate. I _______ karate every day.

A. work B. make C. do D. clean 33. Hoa often _______ to the music club every Sunday.

A. goes B. does C. listens D. climbs 34. They like _______ and singing songs.

A. dancing B. climbing C. going D. doing 35. A: Thanks for your lovely gift.

B: ________.

A. You’re welcome C. I’m sorry!

B. Go ahead! D. Don’t worry about it!

36. Quan has a pain in his stomach. He has a/an _______.

A. toothache B. stomach ache C. sore throat D. headache .


37. The supermarket is ... of you.

a. near b. opposite c. behind d. in front 38. How much does a letter to America...?

a. is b. are c. take d. cost 39. I would like...a letter to America.

a. send b. to send c. sending d. to sending 40. Could you tell me how... there?

a. get b. to get c. getting d. to getting 41. There is souvenir shop... Tran Phu Street.

a. on b. at c. from d. to 42. The bank is... the restaurant and the hotel.

a. opposite b. right c. in front d. between 43. How ...is it from Hue to Ho Chi Minh City?

a. often b. far c. near d. All are correct 44. I need ...a phone card.

a. buy b. to buy c. buying d. to buying 45. I would like to send this letter... the USA.

a. for b. of c. to d. in 2. What's the weather like in Ho Chi Minh city?


a. hot b. cold c. rainy d. warm



Task 1. Look and write the correct words.

toothache bus stop pilot rice The story of Tam and Cam

46. It’s a fairy tale about two sisters. ______________________

47.He has a pain in her tooth. ______________________

48.A person who flies or is qualified to fly an aircraft or spacecraft.


49.A Southeast Asian grass widely grown in warm wet areas especially for its seeds which are used for food. _________________

50.A place where a bus regularly stops, usually marked by a sign.


Task 2. Look and read. Put a tick (✓) or a cross (x).

51.He is skating.

52.Don’t play with the matches.

53.He has a fever.


54.I’m reading the Story of Mai An Tiem.

55. I’d like to be an architect because I’d like to design buildings.

56.Phong and Nam often go fishing in their free time.

57.She’d like to be a teacher.

Task 3: Read and answer the questions.

Hi, I’m Mai. My hobby is reading folk tales. Folk tales are usually short and interesting. They often give me one surprise after another. The character are sometimes honest, sometimes greedy, sometimes wise, and sometimes stupid. I like The Fox and the Crow very much.The Fox was clever and the Crow was not.

The Crow lost its delicious meat and the Fox got it. I love folk tales very much because each of them gives me a lesson in life.

58.What kinds of stories does Mai like reading?


59.What does she think of folk tales?


60.What does she think of the characters in folk tales?



61.What does she think of the characters in The Fox and the Crow?



Task 1: Fill in the blank.

2. A_ _ _tec_ 3. Dam Sen P_


4. S_r_ the I_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 5. _ _ _ _ with

the s _ _ _ _

Task 2: Reorder the words to make sentences (1,25 points) 62. knife. / sharp/ play/ that/ with/ Don’t


63. do/ brother/ What/ free/ in/ his/ does/ your/ time?

1. Bi_ _u_t



64. fell/ on/ the/ asleep/ The/ hare/ road.


65. at/ corner. / next/ Turn/ right/ the


66. Phu Quoc/ I/ to/ Island. /went

67. fly/ because/ be/ would like/ Minh/ pilot/ to/ planes. /like/ he’d/ a/ to ________________________________________________________

68. should/ Mr. Tuan/ a/ take /rest/.


69. Had/ Quan/ to/ the/ headache/ doctor/ because/ went/ he/ a/.


70. Tam/ gentle. /beautiful/ and/ was

71. My/ often/ grandma/ in/ works/ the garden/ her/ in/ free/ time.

72. you / what / doing / are / stove / with / the /?


73. shouldn’t / cream / you / ice / eat


74.like / would / future / the / you / to / what / be / in?

75. Where / go / did / weekend / you / last ___________________________________?

76. Phu Quoc / I / to / Island / went



77. Do / of / think / it / you / what



78. Expected / beautuful / than / it’s / more / I




79. Phu Quoc / go / next / to / I’ll / Island / year



80. mother/ My/ uncle. / for/ wants/ send /to/ this/ my/ letter



81. How/water/ much/ drink/ does/ she/ day? / every



82. book/ What/ reading? / are/ you



83. Is/ making/ she/ and/ fish/ rice?



84. tomorrow. / We/ go/ going/ are/ to/ camping



85. character/ Who /the /main /is/?



86. borrow/ May /book/ I /your/?



87. should/ Mr. Tuan/ a/ take /rest/.



88.does/ Why/ she/ this /story/ like?



89. Tam/ gentle. / very/ beautiful/ and/ was




Task 3: Matching

90.What happened in the story? a. Because you may get a burn.

91.Why would you like to be a

writer? b. b. She often goes shopping.

92.Don’t touch the stove! c. c. She shouldn’t eat a lot of sweets.

93.Who is the main character in this story?

d. d. First, the prince visited the castle and he met a beautiful princess.

94.What would he like to be in the future?

e. e. He’d like to be a teacher.

95.Miss Hien has a toothache. f. f. It is Doreamon.

96. What does she often do in his free time?

g. g. Because I’d like to write stories for children.




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