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REVIEW UNIT 10 (handout) I. Complete the words with letters ‘dr’ or ‘tr’.

1. __ __eam 6. laun__ __y 11. s__ __eet

2. __ __ink 7. __ __ee 12. __ __ive

3. __ __avel 8. __ __actor 13. chil __ __en

4. __ __aw 9. __ __ess 14. __ __ugstore

5. coun__ __y 10. __ __agon 15. s__ __ess

II. Find which word does not belong to each group.

1. A. fridge B. worker C. dishwasher D. washing machine

2. A. quick B. wireless C. automatic D. hi-tech

3 A. robot B. bedroom C. bathroom D. living room

4. A. house B. moon C. houseboat D. motorhouse

5. A. town B. house C. city D. countryside

III. Choose the best option for each sentence.

1. Young people obey their parents.

A. must B. will C. may D. ought to

2. Laura, you and the kids just have dinner without waiting for me. I work very hard today.

A. can B. should C. may D. would

3. Jenny’s engagement ring is enormous! It have cost a fortune.

A. must B. will C. might D. should

4. I hope I find it.

A. will B. could C. shall D. must

5. you be in Rome tonight?

A. Will B. Might C. May D. Maybe

6. We have time to help you tomorrow.

A. may B. will C. must D. could

7. In the future, machines all the work for us.

A. are doing B. will do C. were doing D. do

8. Every day, Mr. Tuan in the fields from 6 am to 4 pm.

A. worked B. work C. is working D. works

9. Ba is in his room. He the guitar now.

A. was playing B. played C. is playing D. will play

10. Next month is Lien’s birthday. She some of her friends to her birthday party.

A. invite B. invites

C. is going to invite D. invited

IV. Complete the sentence with MIGHT or MIGHT NOT.

1. I’m tired. I ... go to bed early tonight.

2. He left the office very late so he ... be home for dinner.

3. There are a lot of clouds in the sky so it ... rain later.

4. She didn’t pass her driving test so she ... be happy.

5. They’re a very good team. They ... win the championship this year.

V. Fill in the blank with a suitable phrase from the box.


modern fridge wireless TV dishwasher hi-tech robots smart washing machine

1. We will use a... to wash all the dishes and containers after meal.

2. A ... will wash dirty clothes and make them ready for you to put on.

3 ... will understand what we say and will do all things around the house.

4. We will watch TV programmes from the others countries by using ...

5. Do you think a ... will choose suitable food for our meal?

VI. Read the text and match the machines (1-6) with the things they do (a-i). Three machines match with two things.

My dream smart home …

The bedroom: When I go to bed, the smart bed automatically gets warm. When I am asleep, it controls the temperature. In the morning, when I wake up, my robots makes me a cup of tea. I drink the tea in bed and then get up.

The bathroom has a smart shower. When my sister is in the shower, it stops after five minutes and says to her, "Your brother wants to use the bathroom now." The smart mirror says nice things to me like, "Your hair is great today!"

The kitchen has a smart fridge. It orders food from the Internet. My smart fridge orders food for all my family and it knows our favourite food. It talks to my family. It says,

"Don't eat that, it's John's!"

The living room: The smart TV knows what I like and it finds things that I want to watch. It doesn't listen to other people.

My smart robot: My smart robot looks after the dog. It gives him food and it takes him out for exercise.

1. Smart bed ____ a. It orders our food.

2. Smart mirror __ b. It speaks to my sister 3. Smart shower _ c. It looks after my dog.

4. Smart fridge __ d. It controls the temperature 5. Smart TV ____ e. It speaks to me.

6. Smart robot ___ f. It stops after five minutes.

g. It doesn't listen to other people.

h. It makes me a cup of tea.

i. It speaks to my family.

VII. Write the question with WILL for each situation.

1. Mrs. Robinson will go shopping. (What/ she/ buy)


2. They are meeting Paul at the station. (When/ he/ arrive)


3. We won’t have a meeting on Thursday. (When/ you/ have/ a meeting)


4. We will go to the cinema. (Where/ you/ go)


5. My parents will go to Hanoi this summer. (How/ they/ travel)

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