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Nội dung và yêu cầu cần giải quyết trong bài tập luận văn tốt nghiệp. lý thuyết, thực hành, số liệu cần tính toán và bản vẽ). Yêu cầu phải hoàn thành trước ngày 10 tháng 7 năm 2010 Nhận bài tập tự học được giao bài tập tự học. Đánh giá chất lượng của luận văn tốt nghiệp trên các phương diện thu thập và phân tích tài liệu, số liệu ban đầu, giá trị lý luận và thực tiễn của đề tài.

For helpful comments on early drafts of this thesis, I am grateful to M.A. Pham Thi Thu Hang, the lecturer of the Foreign Language Department, Hai Phong Private University. I would also like to thank the Dean of Foreign Language Department of Hai Phong Private University, Ms. In addition, I would like to thank all teachers in the Foreign Language Department of Hai Phong Public University for their support and enthusiasm towards me.

Some verbs of motion express the idea that the subject causes itself or some physical object to be in a certain place.


  • Rationale of the study
  • Aims of the study
  • Scope of the study
  • Methods of the study
  • Organization of the study

I remember that when I was in 2nd form, my mother elder sister taught me the first lessons of English. During the four years I studied English here, all subjects of English made me interested such as lexicology, phonetics and translation. Prepositions of direction and some mistakes made while using them attract my attention the most.

Therefore, the name of the topic of my exam paper is "A Study on Prepositions of Direction and Some Errors Made by Vietnamese Learners". This study also indicates some Vietnamese learners' mistakes made in using prepositions of direction and some suggested solutions. Due to the limitation of time and knowledge, I have no ambition to cover all kinds of preposition and research errors made by learners from all countries in the word, but only prepositions of direction and some errors made by Vietnamese learners.

In addition, reference books and documents containing knowledge of prepositions are also valuable resources that I have searched for my topic. She has provided useful ideals and comments so that this study continues to improve.



  • Show the relation
  • Show the relation of a whole clause to
  • According to structural grammar
    • Phrase Prepositions (usually consisting of a noun preceded and followed by prepositions): by means of (bằng phương tiện), in consequence
  • According to function 1. Prepositions of Place
    • Prepositions of Direction
    • Prepositions of Time
    • Prepositions of Manner
    • Prepositions of Purpose: for, to, in order to, so as to Eg: This is a net for catching fish

A word such as a noun, pronoun, or gerund after a preposition is said to be the object of the preposition. In the second example, the personal pronoun her is the object of the preposition for. In doing so, a preposition indicates the relationship of the idea expressed in the prepositional phrase to the ideas expressed.

For example in the sentence He owns the house on the corner, the preposition indicates that the words the corner express the location of the house referred to in the rest of the sentence. We are waiting for her, the preposition for indicates that the word her expresses the reason for the action of waiting referred to in the rest of the sentence. For example, as illustrated in the following example, there are some differences between British and North American.

By showing the relationship of nouns (or pronouns) to other words in the sentence, the preposition can show the character of those relationships with their lexical meaning. But sometimes the lexical meaning of the preposition is weakened to such an extent that the preposition becomes almost equal to the case inflection. The preposition governs an object, so it is always connected to a noun, a noun phrase, a pronoun, or a gerund.

The teacher can often illustrate various things in the text by means of rough chalk drawings on the blackboard. www.unenlightenedenglish.com/2009/04/grammar-guide- prepositions). Through" means something starts outside the reference point, enters it, and leaves it from another side.). Around" means something starts outside the reference point, and moves close to the reference point without entering it.).

Prepositions of time help us distinguish whether something is at a point in time or for a long time. Since: used to refer to a point in the past, extending to another point in time.


  • Prepositions of direction
    • What are prepositions of direction?
    • List and meanings
  • Analysis of some examples of preposition of direction 1. The first example
    • The second example
    • The third example
    • The forth example
    • The fifth example
  • Some typical cases of preposition of direction 1. Use of “to”
    • The preposition to is used as an ordinary preposition with verbs of communication such as listen, speak, relate (as in telling someone
  • Jonah started to listen to her, but his phone rang
  • Maryann needed to drive to the cabin. She had planned to fly there, but then changed her plans
  • Connie put the vase into the sink. The vase is in the sink
  • Harriet threw her coat into the closet. Her coat is in the closet
  • They drove into the garage at 6 p.m
    • Using in or into with the verb move
    • Use of “onto”
  • The plane landed on the runway. (not onto the runway)
  • Joanna spilled her Coke on the rug. (not onto the rug)

In the first picture, a soldier crawls under the fence, another soldier crawls to a mirage in the. The prepositions in three images - under, towards, through express the direction of actions or they imply movement towards the goal. Going to all countries in the world is the meaning of the phrase "Flying around the word".

However, the direction of this action is different with prepositions of direction: through, over and up. While in the first picture a man jumps out of an airplane, in the second picture the man jumps over a chair. The last picture shows a boy jumping into the pool or another talking boy will be in the pool.

The man in the second example was standing close to the gorilla and is now far away from it because he is running. The preposition "past" with the verb "run" in the third example expresses a person who moves from the starting line to the finish line and leaves the finish line. When the goal is physical, such as a destination, "to" means movement toward the destination.

I actually want to arrive at the airport.). www.gelisim.edu.tr/../prep_of_directions_to_into_on_to_pdf.pdf). It was heading toward a thundercloud; it may not have come or flown through the cloud.). Walk towards the park; we may or may not get there.) or we may not get there.).

Remember that in shows completion of an action, in shows the position of the object as a result of an action. In those cases only in is correct. not in, because in is the last word in the sentence). We will be moving into the new house by the end of the month. bring all possessions and take possession of the house.).

Athena climbed onto the back of the truck. www.gelisim.edu.tr/../prep_of_directions_to_into_on_to_pdf.pdf). The cat sat on the mat. www.gelisim.edu.tr/../prep_of_directions_to_into_on_to_pdf.pd).


Some errors made by Vietnamese learners

Using the table, I analyze some mistakes that are common when the students use every day. For example, using the preposition "to" to confuse Vietnamese learners instead of saying, "Don't forget to call me at 6:00." Vietnamese say "Cô ấy bước vào trong nhà tôi" and they think "trong" is "in".

We usually see prepositional phrase "in the air"; therefore, some students think that their choice is exact. There are about 63% students who chose incorrect preposition to complete the sentence “The crab washed up. The crab moved to the shore and it continued to wash up to the surface of the shore, so the preposition must choose "up".

In the sentence "The plane landed ... the runway", the number of students who used the preposition incorrectly is 45. In other words, the fixed position of the plane is at the point of the runway and does not move on the surface of the runway . runway. They filled in "pass" instead of "past" because they think "pass" means "qua" in Vietnamese.

In this sentence, the verb "drove" shows the direction or distance of the police car. We can see that "đi đến đồng" in Vietnamese does not use preposition, but in English this expression is "go to school". Due to the influence of the Vietnamese, many people as well as students often say "đi được nhà".

When they translate into English, they also start from "go to school" and write "go to home". I hope that some examples with some mistakes will help you understand clearly about prepositions of direction so that you can use correctly in the cases.

Findings and implication

Moreover, if you want to avoid the mistake when using prepositions of direction especially, I think you should clearly understand their use and even understand the meanings and implication of the said sentences. There are some special cases in prepositions of direction; therefore, you must note and remember them so that you can limit mistakes. By using these prepositions correctly, listeners and readers will understand the direction and purpose we express and will not misunderstand.

Some mistakes are often carefully looked for in order to avoid them in writing and speaking, which is what I want you to do. In the end, I hope you find it useful to understand common suggestions and direction suggestions. This benefit can also be enjoyed by other people such as instructors, visitors, businessmen and us as students and teachers in the future.


I believe it would be worthwhile and much appreciated for those interested in this topic to continue researching and provide more information on directional prepositions for learners of English so that learners know and avoid making mistakes when using directional prepositions. I hope to read the new information about prepositions of direction from your research so that I can improve my knowledge.


How long have you been learning English?

What do you think about the role of preposition?

How much do you know about preposition?

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