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Exercise 1: Divide the words into two columns according to pronunciation of the underlined part.

ago potato toe coat loan

bike site kite mine know

pie load require buy die

soap window soul shoulder guy

slow guide tomorrow sleight mosquito

quite either neither coast height

/əʊ/ /aɪ/

... ...

... ...

... ...

... ...

... ...

... ...

... ...

... ...

... ...

... ...

... ...

... ...

Exercise 2: Complete the sentences with forms of present perfect.

1. The bill isn’t right. They (make) _____________ a mistake.

2. Don’t you want to see this program? It (just/ start) _____________.

3. It will soon get warm here. I (turn) _____________ the heating on.

4. Wait for few minutes, please! I (finish) _____________ my dinner.

5. (you/ ever/ eat) __________________ sushi?

6. She (not/ come) _____________ here for a long time.

7. I (work) _____________ here for three years.

8. (you/ not/ finish) __________________ your project yet?

9. I (just/ decide) _________________ to start working next week.

10. Andrew says he (already/ do) ___________________ about half of the plan.

Exercise 3: Complete the sentences with form of present perfect or past simple.

1. We (not/ plan) _________________ our holiday yet.

2. He (write) _________________ five letters. He is going to write another five letters.

3. She (see) _________________ him for a long time.

4. I(do) _________________ my Maths homework yesterday.

5. They (visit) _________________ a farm two weeks ago.


6. The children (not/ be) _________________ at home last weekend.

7. When (you/ design) _________________ this wonderful skirt?

8. How many games (your team/win) _________________ so far this season?

9. (you/ visit) _________________ the CN Tower when you stayed in Toronto?

10. (you/ do) _________________ your homework yet? – Yes, I finished it an hour ago.

Exercise 4: Complete the sentences with the correct form of superlative adjectives.

1. It was (horrible) ______________ feeling I have ever had.

2. Have you read her (recent) ______________ book?

3. It was (boring) ______________ speech I have ever had.

4. Your idea is (helpful) ______________ one of all.

5. The factory uses (modern) ______________ production methods.

6. Is gold (expensive) ______________ in the world?

7. Chinese is considered to be (difficult) ______________ language to learn.

8. Is this the (interesting) ______________ hobby you have?

9. I have enjoyed (exciting) ______________ speech so far.

10. Being a fire fighter is one of (dangerous) ______________ jobs.

Exercise 5: Complete the sentences with the correct form of superlative adjectives.

1. That was (funny) ___________________ film I have ever seen.

2. Are you (young) ___________________ child in your family?

3. What is (good) ___________________ song you have listened so far?

4. Tom and Jim are slim, but Danny is (slim) ___________________.

5. She is (lazy) ___________________ one I have ever known.

6. My sister Joanna is (attractive) ___________________ girl I have ever known.

7. Among all my clothes, this dress is (expensive) ___________________.

8. The moon is (close) ___________________ planet to Earth.

9. Jupiter is (large) ___________________ planet in the solar system.

10. Sirius is (brilliant) ___________________ star we can see from Earth.

Exercise 6: Choose the best option to fill in the blank.

1. The Sydney Opera House is considered as the symbol of __________.

A. Asia B. America C. Australia D. Europe

2. Vietnam is located in Southeast __________.

A. America B. Asia C. Australia D. Europe

3. The smallest __________ in the world is Australia.

A. continent B. ocean C. country D. city


4. Some developed nations namely Britain, France and Germany are located in _______.

A. America B. Asia C. Australia D. Europe

5. Have you ever seen Big Ben? It is the most visited __________in Britain.

A. city B. country C. landmark D. continent

6. Penguins often live in __________because they are especially adapted to the cold weather.

A. Asia B. Antarctica C. Australia D. America

Exercise 7: Write about the country and its capital, basing on available information. The first one has been done for you as an example. (Answer may vary).

Capital/ City Country Feature

0 Hanoi Vietnam Beautiful

1 Brussels Belgium Modern and beautiful

2 Beijing China Big

3 Copenhagen Denmark Peaceful

4 Paris France Attractive

5 New Dehil India Modern

0. This is Hanoi. It is the capital of Vietnam. It’s a beautiful city.

1. ___________________________________________________________________.

2. ___________________________________________________________________.

3. ___________________________________________________________________.

4. ___________________________________________________________________.

5. ___________________________________________________________________.

Exercise 8: Read and choose the correct answers.

The Eiffel Tower is a very famous tower in Paris, France. It was named after the engineer who designed and built it, Alexandre Eiffel. The tower was built in 1889.

Alexandre Eiffel was asked to build the tower when France decided to have a big fair to exhibit its goods and wares. The tower was to be located in the middle of the fair as a special attraction. So, Eiffel designed the tower and soon began to build it, using iron beams and bolts.

When the structure first started to take shape, the people of France did not like it. They thought it looked like a giant skeleton and was not attractive at all. However, when the tower was finally completed and lighted up at night, the people quickly changed their minds. It was an enchanting sight and looked like a tower made of lace.

The Eiffel Tower is sometimes considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world. It is 300 meters high and people can take an elevator all the way to the top. From the tower, they


can get a marvelous view of the city and the River Seine which runs through it. Besides the elevator, there are steps which lead all the way up the tower. For those who are energetic, they can use these to climb up. It is very windy at the top of the tower and can be very cold at times because it is only built by iron beams. There are no walls to keep the wind out.

1. The Eiffel Tower got its name ___________.

A. from its location B. from its designer

C. from the fair D. from Paris

2. The tower is ___________now.

A. more than 100 years old B. less than 100 years old C. 100 years old exactly D. hundreds of years old 3. Why didn’t the people like the tower at first?

A. They thought it wasn’t safe. B. They didn’t like iron beams.

C. They were haunted by it. D. They thought it was very ugly.

4. Why did they change their minds in the end?

A. It turned out to be very safe. B. They liked lace.

C. It turned out to be beautiful. D. The design was changed.

5. What can we see from the tower?

A. Paris B. A tower of lace

C. Iron beams D. A giant skeleton

Exercise 6: Read again and answer the questions.

1. Was the Eiffel Tower built in 1989?


2. Where is Eiffel Tower located?


3. Who was the Tower named after?


4. When did France ask Alexandre Eiffel to design the tower?


5. How was the attitude of French people to the Tower at first?


6. What did French people think about the Tower at first?


7. How did the Tower look when it was lighted up at night?



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