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Be Your Own Bartender

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Academic year: 2023

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There's a reason I usually fall back on a few of my favorite cocktails when I'm at home: I know I'm going to like them. There's also a reason why I let a good bartender shake me up into something new when I'm at a fancy-pants cocktail bar. If you know it's a rum cocktail you're after—you're just not sure what—turn to the beginning of the rum chapter.

You're not married to a single soul, but you're hosting a brunch, hosting a party, or mixing drinks for the family over the winter holidays. Our goal is to get you instantly to a drink you love, even if it's a different drink than you're used to or an ingredient combination you might never have thought of. We've written a cocktail column together for the Food & Wine website for over four years, called "Liquor Cabinet Roulette."

Thanks to John's mixology background, each of these drinks is professional-caliber—we'd put any of them on a cocktail list—but designed for the home bartender. Whoever you are, whatever you drink – and whatever your skill level – we've got a cocktail for you.


Cocktail shaker: We recommend a set of shaking tins—two metal cups, one small and one large, that fit together to form a shaker

Strainer: A Hawthorne strainer fits over the top of a shaking tin and lets you strain out the drink, while holding back the ice, in one

Mixing glass: Though you can stir cocktails in one tin of a shaker, a clear mixing glass is far more attractive and lets you see the

Barspoon: A long-handled barspoon is by far the best tool for stirring drinks

Fine strainer: When you double-strain a cocktail (page xiv) to remove fruit bits, herb flecks, or ice chips, you’ll need a fine strainer

Citrus juicer: A simple hand-held press to juice lemons, limes, and more

Muddler: A long, heavy implement for smashing fruit, vegetables, or herbs in the bottom of a shaker


Rocks glass: For many stirred and shaken cocktails served with ice

Coupe: For stirred and shaken cocktails served “up,” without ice, and some sparkling drinks

Martini glass: For martinis, though martinis can also be served

Collins glass: A tall, straight-sided glass, often used for drinks with tonic or club soda

Wine glass: Used for some sparkling drinks

Pint glass: Used for some cocktails containing a large volume of beer or soda

Ice Matters, Too


Shaking and Stirring

We also know that once you try the egg white cocktail, you'll probably fall in love. Be judicious as you would when using a raw egg for a salad dressing, say: if the egg looks odd or doesn't smell good, don't use it. Pour the liquid into the large tin over the ice, then nestle the top of the small tin into the top of the large tin and tap the top firmly to form a seal.

With one hand on the large tin and one on the small tin, shake vigorously—imagine the ice bouncing back and forth from end to end—for 10 to 15 seconds. To mix: Add liquid ingredients to a mixing glass and fill with ice to just below the lip (about 1 cup/125g). run the back of the spoon along the inside edge of the glass. For double shake (with egg or egg white): Mix. ingredients, including the egg white, in a small shaker bowl.

Add the egg white before the other ingredients, so that in case the yolk breaks in the process, you don't waste any spirit.).

Muddling and Double-Straining


Cocktails for a party



A Word About Sugar

Cranberry” should be the only ingredient listed; if it's almost too tart to drink, you've got the right stuff. A juicer makes all of these things quick work, but if you don't have one, there's a solution. In a true daiquiri (that's just light rum, lime, and sugar), the sugar contributes 36 calories; the rum, 115.

Unless you're dealing with syrupy ready-to-drink cocktail mixes (and now that you've got this book, you don't have to!), it's the booze that brings in the calories.

Syrups and Infusions



Other Bitters We Love


Gin: Over the last decade there’s been an explosion of gins hitting the market, and many are excellent: Brooklyn Gin, The Botanist,

Rum: There are so many variations on this spirit: crisp, dry white rums you could swap in for vodka; funky and full-flavored rums

Agave: Pueblo Viejo is our go-to cocktail tequila, an incredible value whether you’re using the silver blanco, lightly aged reposado,

Whiskey: We think a great cocktail bourbon should be 86 proof, reasonably priced, and neither too sweet nor too aggressive; our go-to

Other Essentials

In some cases (The Duck Race, page 30) it makes up most of the cocktail; in others (Apples and Oranges, page 169) it is just most of the cocktail; in others (Apples and Oranges, page 169) it is just an exuberant accent.


Sherries: You’ll find that we use several different sherries

Pamplemousse: Orange liqueur is the classic, but we’re just as fond of this grapefruit liqueur, which you’ll see used a half-dozen

Cynar: Once you’ve developed a taste for Campari, you might want to go more bitter still; that’s when you should give this earthy,

Luxardo Maraschino: Not the sticky-sweet red syrup


Sundown Spritz

DRINK 1 ounce vodka

Elderflower Vesper

Dirty Martini

DRINK 2 ounces vodka


DRINK 1½ ounces vodka

Dickory Dock

DRINK 2 ounces vodka *

Cherry on Top

El Rebujito

Leaves of Grass


Out to Pasture

Sumac Collins

What a Melon

Right Side of the Bed

Kicked in the Head by That Damn Mule

Blue Ribbon

Cardamom Collins

The Vodka Collins is crisp and refreshing and simple enough that a garnish can really transform a drink; we like a large sprig of rosemary for flavoring. Top with 2 ounces of fizzy drink and garnish with a long sprig of rosemary, rubbed between the palms of your hands before adding to the drink.


Grape Thyme

Thai Martini

It’s 4:00 Somewhere


The Ibex

The Duck Race

Tale of Two Cities

Fino Martini *

Basil Gimlet

And any/all of the above is delicious with an ounce of sparkling wine on top—call it the Gimlet 75. So for our ultimate teatime cocktail, we blend a martini and a French 75 to create a cocktail that's a bit drier than the latter and a lot livelier than the former. 3 ounces sparkling wine One 1-inch round lemon peel, for garnish Long, curly lemon peel, for garnish (optional, see below).

Take a 1 inch slice of lemon peel, squeeze the top skin side down and discard.

About That Time

Cynar Negroni


The Hills Are Alive

DRINK 1 ounce gin

Frozen Negroni

TO 8 DRINKS 6 ounces gin

Pimm’s Away!

DRINK 1 ounce Beefeater gin

Raz-Monte *

East Asian Collins

Gin, Gingerly


With rosemary taking center stage against a herbal gin backdrop, it's the very definition of crowd-pleasing, suitable for both summer breakfasts and holiday parties. For the crowd: Mix all ingredients except the sparkling wine as described in the “Shaken Method” (page xv). Just before serving, add sparkling wine to the mug and mix; or divide the liquid between six glasses, top each directly with sparkling wine and give a quick stir.

Pinecone Collins

Andaman Iced Tea

Sumac Attack

Rosewater Fizz

Slowly pour the soda (no more than one ounce) down the inside walls of the shaker to collect the egg whites at the bottom.

The Diplomat

Apple Spice

G&T + Then Some

Berries & Bubbles

If you're used to thinking of rum as a spirit confined to the tropics—or worse, a spirit that's always spiced or scented with coconut—. But there's a whole world of sugarcane-based spirits, from crisp daiquiri-friendly Cuban rum to funky, unpredictable Jamaican rum, to rum-like spirits that aren't called rum at all, like the Brazilian sugarcane-based spirit Cachaça.


Hot Cider-ed Rum

Rum Diggity

The Hangover

A Real Daiquiri

Pear-Ginger Daiquiri

Strawberry-Basil Daiquiri

The Caipirinha

Passion Fruit Caipirinha

Professional Drinker

True Course

Smooth Operator


Hold the orange peel, colored skin side down, over the surface of the cocktail and hold the lit match just below it.

Havana Daiquiri


Mai Tai’d

Mutiny on the Bounty

Put the Grog in the Coconut

Back Porch Punch


Rum Shrub

Man Overboard

Sorrel Siren

Rum Flip

Part of a Complete Breakfast



Margaritas for a Crowd

DRINKS Classic

Pour into a 2-liter container over 4 cups of ice (500 g); the drink will cool enough and dilute within 10 minutes. To make ahead, combine all ingredients in a sealed 1-quart container, refrigerate until ready to use, then, when ready to serve, shake vigorously and stir over ice in the same manner .) To serve, stir briefly for .

Truly Great Frozen Margarita

TO 8 DRINKS 8 ounces blanco tequila

Mango Frozen Margarita


Passion Fruit Frozen Margarita

The Liggett

Hello from Jerez


The Sky’s Aflame

Keep ’em Coming

Añejo Old Fashioned *

Spicy Cucumber Margarita


Ring My Bell

Watermelon Margarita

El Jardín

Hibiscus Margarita

Paloma Picante

Tequila Sangria

DRINK 2 ounces Vinho Verde

Agave Maria

In the Doghouse

Friend of the Devil


Mezcal Margarita

DRINK 2 ounces mezcal *

Mezcal Amargo

DRINK 1 ounce mezcal

The Scheme

DRINK 1½ ounces mezcal

Cola de Leon

DRINK 2 ounces mezcal

The Santa Anas

Frosty’s Revenge


DRINK 1½ ounces mezcal *


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