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Front Office Management and Operations

Nguyễn Gia Hào

Academic year: 2023

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You have chosen the part of the hotel's operations that significantly contributes to the hotel's revenue - the front office. The way the front desk staff provides service goes a long way in making the experience moving.


Creating a chain of motels around the modern wonder, he created one of the largest motel chains in the world - Days Inns. Britain, on the other hand, produced the world's first large commercial airplane - the De Havilland Comet.


A "Maid of the Mist" boat ride beneath the thunderous Niagara Falls can be unforgettable. A trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, or a flight around Mt.


Downtown hotels are located in the center of the city in busy commercial and shopping districts. A suburban hotel soon finds itself in the center of townships that grew to the outskirts of the city. Some cabins may have a caretaker from the local village to attend to guests' needs.

Limited liability is when the promoters are responsible for the debts to the extent of their investments in case the company is liquidated. Unlimited liability applies to promoters who are responsible for all debts of the company, in the event that the company goes bankrupt. Most rooms have two single beds and can be used as single and double rooms for delegates.

Sports hostels and hotels can be traced back to the time of the Olympic Games in 776 BC. The European plan is best suited for any of the following hotel types. a) Family hotel (b) Business hotel (c) Group hotel.


Hotels that cater to the foreign traveler will need to provide these facilities to attract them. One can see that the moment a hotel caters to the business traveler, there is an unlimited range of services required, which continue to become more sophisticated as technology improves. More and more adults are choosing against marriage at least in the early stages of their lives when pursuing a career.

Special Interest Groups These are those who are focused on one aspect of travel based on personal interest. Families Families travel with children and reserve those special times of the year when schools are closed for vacations and a husband and wife work team can coordinate their vacations. Do-it-yourself facilities – vending machines, cafeteria food service Special Interest Groups Special interest groups focus on their own.

On the other hand, gamblers who go to Las Vegas may want the more luxurious facilities because they are first and want to enjoy themselves when they are not in the casino. A downtown hotel will cater to the business clientele, while the forest lodges will cater to those interested in nature and wildlife.


The way the front desk is kept neat and orderly creates the service experience, as does the interior design of the lobby and the artefacts that adorn it. Taste can be interpreted in a different way as far as the reception staff is concerned – the taste of quality service. Guests immediately recognize the property's quality in the appointments, furnishings, carpets, etc. used in the physical product.

Safety Needs As seen in the diagram above, the safety needs are both physical and emotional. They provide safe working conditions and provide safety training, especially in the use of equipment and the transportation of heavy loads. Suggestion schemes also allow employees to participate in the progress of the organization by acting on their views and ideas.

In this case, the client is in total control of the selection and preparation process. They invite guests to give their impressions of the total experience by filling out guest comment forms.

MANAGEMENT Introduction

Women have entered the regular workforce in a big way, especially in the hospitality industry, and have justified this resource to be titled as "human resource". The macro environment consists of political parties (P), economic factors (E), social factors (S) and technological factors (T). Philip Kotler, the famous management guru, defined marketing plans as: “The managerial process of developing a sustainable fit between an organization's objectives, capabilities, and resources and its changing opportunities, to shape and reshape the company's business and products so that they give the target. profits and growth".

It's a way to incentivize captive customers to try some of the products and services. Tent cards placed in the dresser can advertise the property's restaurants and bars. Consistently promote a positive image to increase the public's confidence in the establishment.

People working in the service industry are the backbone of the service. The response she got from the receptionist was: "I'm sorry ma'am and the beauty salon is closed at 6pm". The receptionist's response was not mistaken by a mechanically trained response.


Organizing means arranging resources, assigning duties, and setting up systems and procedures to achieve goals. The first task is to determine the number of personnel required to successfully meet the objectives of the operation. Today's leader is at the heart of the activity and is an operational member of the team.

Part of leadership is the ability to get new ideas and feedback from different kevels in the organization. Controlling is the function of ensuring that plans and goals are on schedule and that those goals and budgets are actually achieved. A new evaluation technique is the "mystery shopper," which is an objective organization or person who secretly audits services and provides unbiased feedback to management.

Organizing resource management, assigning tasks and setting up systems and procedures to achieve goals. It is called organizing resources, assigning tasks, and setting up systems and procedures to achieve goals.


Managers are responsible for the effective use of traditional resources of people (human resources), materials (operational materials), money (budgets and finance) and machines (equipment), etc. Top management They are responsible for long-term and perspective plans (5-10 years), financing and strategic goals of the organization. The section of the introduction titled “The New Professional in the Front Office” tells us that frontline staff have been given the authority and decision-making powers previously enjoyed by their supervisors and lower management.

This department is responsible for the hotel's cleanliness, maintenance and aesthetic standards. The service team coordinates with the kitchen or bar to prepare the item. This section supplies goods for public sale to the hotel's in-house deli.

Chef-de-Cuisine is the head of the kitchen responsible for planning, organizing and supervising the kitchen activities. Engineering This department is responsible for the provision of air conditioning (or heating), lighting, mechanical, electrical, carpentry, electronic and civil works of the hotel.


Room Reservation – The reservation agent can forward the reservation request directly to the central server. Issuance of room confirmations - the reservation agent can provide instant confirmation to guests either by print or email. Forecasting – The system helps the reservation agent and management know what to expect in the future in terms of occupancy and revenue.

The receptionist can enter the type of room and rate preferred by the guest into the computer. The information also updated the room number when the guest was registered. The guest history is accessible to the front desk employees, guest relations manager, reservation agent, concierge, room service order taker and the restaurants.

Each guest in the room list has his/her own folder which, when clicked, displays the guest's details. All relevant guest information, along with billing instructions, are automatically transferred to the folio.

THE GUEST CYCLE Stages of Guest Stay

During this phase, the guest interacts with a wide variety of other departments and facilities depending on his/her convenience. The guest visits bars to refresh themselves; the restaurants to eat; the health club for exercise and fitness (including the swimming pool); the telephones for wake-up calls; The list continues based on other services provided as per hotel policy.

He interacts with the front office cashier to settle bills and the concierge to arrange his transportation to the airport. It can start with the travel agent who books the room with the hotel or central reservations of a hotel chain and also include surface transportation that brings guests to the hotel from the airport such as taxis, buses and city rail service. At the time of departure, the guest may need a taxi or rent a car to reach his/her destination.

The first person in contact with a guest upon arrival at the hotel is the bell boy. The first point of contact with a guest in the Lobby is the Guest Relations Executive.


Deputizing in the absence of the Front Office Manager and ensuring the front office runs smoothly. Front-Office - for the movement of guests' luggage upon arrival or departure and the coordination of transport.


High heels can be physically taxing on an agent as she has to be on her feet for the entire shift. All frontline staff must have the ability to communicate effectively with certain manners and etiquette associated with being a good host. Be polite to guests by frequently using expressions such as "Thank you", "Please", "May I help you?",.

Carry pencils in your trouser pockets and not behind your ears or clipped to the front of your jacket. Guests rate a property based on how they maintain the reception and lobby, as they are the first contact areas with the property.

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