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Coding, sketching, cooking: you can master the basics pretty quickly, and then spend a lifetime acquiring mastery. You can't track how well your design is doing until you know the purpose of your design. LIMIT YOURSELF TO TWO DIFFERENT FONTS You can use one font for your navigation, but the other.

The New York Times website (http://hellobks.com/hwd/2) uses agrid to efficiently organize a large number of elements and display items on its website. If you're working on something you're not going to build in CSS, add guides to your design. If you're working on a site mockup in something like Photoshop!, you can use grid templates to lay out your site using the same columns you'd use in your CSS framework.

However, if you're designing something a little more complex, you can download some pre-built multi-column templates, like the 960.gs system ((hellobks.com/ . hwd/4). First, Color Psychology , a "hack " with colors that you can use to invoke different feelings in your work.



Less vibrant shades, such as those on the Keep Earthquakes Weird website (hellobks.com/ . hhwd/23), are calmer and more subtle than bright and vibrant shades, such as those used on the Citysets website (hellobks.com/ .hwd/24 ). Adobe Color CC2 (hellobks.corn/hwd/28) builds a palette of colors around your choice of a base color and various color schemes - I recommend "complementary". The Material Design Palette website. hellobks.com/hwd/29) automatically displays colors in a sample design, which is very helpful when you're struggling to visualize how two colors can work together.

A new option is Colormind (hellobks.com/hwd/30), which uses deep learning to generate color palettes. A Web Developers Guide to Color” is my favorite article on color theory for the web: hellobks.com/hwd/31. Text can be beautiful but difficult to read (websites with trendy thin, light gray fonts), but also easy to read and less pleasant to look at (almost any website that uses standard system fonts).

Large spaces between words can span multiple lines of text, creating an unsightly visual "river" of white space. Fortunately, sites like Google Fonts* (hellobks.com/hwd/32) and Adobe Typekit> (hellobks.com/hwd/33) provide us with wonderful font options that we can use both online and online. Next, we're going to cover the white space and give your design room to breathe.

IF YOU USE ONLY ONE DESIGN IMPROVEMENT TOOL, I guarantee the empty space will make the biggest difference. Whitespace is basically the space on your page that remains empty, as well as the space between elements. Foursquare's website (http://hellobks.com/hwd/39) has a lot of white space telling the user what to read and what not to.

The introductory text and button stand out with copious amounts of white space on the T4S website (http://hellobks.com/hwd/40). Whatever element you want your reader to use, they'll be more likely to see and use if it stands out with lots of white space - drawing attention to the CTA while reducing distractions from other elements. Use more white space than you think you need! Yes, there can be such a thing as too much, but spending more than you think is a good rule of thumb when starting up again.

Removing white space from my personal website illustrates how drastically white space can change a design. THE LAST FEW SECTIONS DEALED WITH CONCRETE CONCEPTS such as color, type and white space; now we're going to consider more abstract concepts like layout and hierarchy.


This section covers content principles and strategy to help you create content that users will read and enjoy, and that will enhance your design. Dense paragraphs of content add to the feeling of clutter, especially if the content is being viewed on screen (rather than in print). Content online is only readable if it has already aroused interest - otherwise, the content is quickly skimmed over by the reader.

People rarely read web pages word for word; instead, they scan the page and pick out individual words and sentences.” It's tempting when writing web content to cover every possible detail and use big, professional words. Instead, it is preferable to write less and use smaller, clearer words that help people understand what you are trying to say using the least number of words.

Large paragraphs of text are an indication of clutter - a good rule of thumb is no more than two to three sentences per paragraph. Please note that although Chrome is supported for Mac and Windows operating systems, we recommend that all users of this site switch to the latest version of the Firefox web browser for the best possible results. Still correct, it covers everything we want to cover, but much shorter and easier to understand at a glance.

Updated the version of django-registration-redux we are using to + The introduction has been updated.1.3. I also encourage strategic bold text, especially in technical documents. This helps draw attention to the most important part of a sentence, making your content even easier to read. The registration chapter is split in two, between adding registration and then linking users to objects.

The most important parts are in bold so that someone can easily browse the content, find the parts that are of most interest to them, and continue reading if they want to. These are parts of the text that are presented in a larger and more prominent style to introduce the content that follows, making the text easier to navigate and read. Headings can be too wordy; you also want these parts of your text to be as short and clear as possible to aid understanding and maintain suspense.




An important part of user experience is to make sure we use appropriate analytics packages (such as Google Analytics (hellobks.com/hwd/48) to collect data on how well we stay 20 minutes in book 50%. Make sure that you include analytics tracking software. in your designs so you can see how your design is doing after launch. At the very least, Google Analytics (hellobks.com/ . hwd/48) or something like Segment(hellobks.com/hwd/49) that you can connect Google Analytics and other analytical platforms.

19 minutes left in the book 53%. easy to do), get feedback on your designs from external sources and pay attention to how well your design is performing after launch. You can use a face in your design to emphasize the emotion you want and draw attention. Other stock photo websites include IM Free (hellobks.com/hwd/60), picjumbo (hellobks.com/hwd/61), iStock (hellobks.com/hwd/62), Gratisography (hellobks.com/ .hwd/63), and PhotoPin (hellobks.com/hwd/57).

To add a special touch to your designs using icons, try websites with pre-designed icons (such as The Noun Project, (hellobks.com/hwd/58) or have them custom designed for you (via websites such as Fiverr ( hellobks.com/hwd/59) and Upwork (hellobks.com/hwd/64).The AppCanary website (hellobks.com/hwd/65) is a great example of a text and screenshot website that is very simple but effective The best designs hellobks.com/hwd/67 + UnmatchedStyle hellobks.com/hwd/68 + Site Inspire hellobks.com/hwd/70.

Again, these sketches aren't pixel-perfect: they're meant to provide quick layout ideas to help you get started building your design. You can create clickable areas that go to different slides or "pages" on your site to make your models feel more interactive: hellobks.com/. UXPin: Online design platform:hellobks.com/hwd/80 Wireframes come between the sketch and mockupstages. At this stage we don't choose colors or find fonts - we just continue to think about layout and flow.

You can't tell at a glance whether your design is successful without getting feedback from outside sources. Your design may be beautiful, but you don't know if it will be appreciated and used until you show it to others. A quick look at your design isn't enough, so don't surprise the reviewer in between tasks.

Online communities: Forums and communities like Reddit's design_critiques subreddit (hellobks.com/ . hwd/85) and Bootstrapped.fm (hellobks.com/hwd/86) can help review mockups and early versions of your design. Online Review Services: There are quite a few online services that allow you to upload a screenshot of your design for feedback, such as the Five Second Test (hellobks.com/hwd/87).


Theory and Design Principles

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