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How Visible Are Spanish Sparkling Wines on Google.co.uk?

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Academic year: 2023

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In this chapter, we will analyze the visibility of websites when searching for Spanish cava or sparkling wine using the UK version of the Google search engine. RQ2. What is the relative weight of Spanish sparkling wine brand websites in Google.co.uk results.

Table 5 shows the distribution of results by device used and the type of content that appeared in the Top5 SERPs
Table 5 shows the distribution of results by device used and the type of content that appeared in the Top5 SERPs

Media visibility

This average URL ranking of the 10 Spanish brands at 25-46th place out of 50 confirms the information published by the RAW agency about the digital behavior of Spanish wineries, claiming that they have not launched into the digital market. Therefore, we recommend these companies to get their websites in the Top 10 of Google search engines, through SEO optimization or payment for keywords appearing in SEM, and thus achieve greater international visibility of their brands and products, whereby we focus first on the international markets where the.

Visibility of social networks

It should also be noted that the only specific UK domain, freixenet.co.uk, appears in average positions of 43 and 46 out of 50, with virtually zero visibility. The third research question asked which media, social networks and wine sites are retrieved by Google when searching for Spanish sparkling wines from the UK and what their weight is.

Visibility of wine sector websites

So we have a first conglomerate where all the results from Ama zon.co.uk were grouped together, a specific supermarket conglomerate with Top4 visibility and a third for e-commerce websites specializing in wines and spirits. It should also be noted that the m.tesco.com link appears 48 times and takes users directly to the wine section of the supermarket.


The analysis also shows that the e-commerce domain that appears the most and has the best SEO ranking is tesco.com, as it appears 210 times (3.77%); Finally, we must emphasize that the mapping of websites in the sector shows which content is selected by the Google algorithm from thousands of possible candidate websites.

Implications for managers

This selection shows the best content that every winery should consider when creating their digital identity. In conclusion, we are able to make recommendations to improve the digital identity of cava brands with the aim of gaining visibility in a specific market.


Future lines of research

Market share held by the leading search engines in the United Kingdom (UK) as of November 2018. Available from: https://moz.com/blog/eye-tracking-in-2014-how-users-view- and-interact-with-todays- google-serps [14]Peretti J.

TOP 1%


Marketing is the oldest human science of identifying, creating, exchanging needs and relationships between a seller and a buyer with a profit, thereby encouraging and enabling the process of trading a product or service. The definition of marketing as explained by Dr. Philip Kotler, is "the satisfaction of needs and wants through the process of exchange". Marketing is a broader way to reach the customer, which includes selling as the main cause, which is influenced by various steps such as understanding the needs, branding. visibility and thus a rounded element of sales and purchases.

Need of digitalisation

Committing to create and enable the reach of product and service from concept to customer is the baseline in Marketing. 1] This digital approach evolution of service marketing mix becomes more customer focused and new products are made that keep the customer at the center.

Scenario in developing countries: India and South East Asia 1 The information revolution

Since 2000, there has been exponential growth in the number of mobile phone users in India (see Figure 1 and 2) [5]. Given their reach, the combination of mobile and Internet technologies has the potential to engage a billion people in India [5].

Change in consumer behaviour

  • Indians are getting more materialistic
  • Consumerism is becoming a way of life in India

Reference to ICRIER (Indian Council for Research and International Economic Relations), the retail market accounts for 10% of India's GDP. However, the growth patterns are impressive for India's digital e-commerce, which has grown exponentially in recent years.

History of digital marketing

With flooding of digital e-commerce companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon in the country, the small and medium physical retailers were hit and suffered a lot. This dramatic shift from brick-and-mortar retail to online retail benefited the consumer, prompting major companies and brands to consider connecting their presence in the digital world with these new segments of consumers (Figure 7).

Digital marketing

In the current scenario, the average internet user spends 3 hours daily on the internet platform, making it the largest platform to promote brands to keep an eye on users or buyers. There is a strong proverb in Hindi "Ants find the sweetness in the room kept everywhere" holds true in the case of digital marketing where marketers find the right customer with the different tactics through digital marketing be it click type or search engines.

Channels of digital marketing

To take this as an example, people using a health app may be interested in buying health products and so any app promoting protein products may be interested in some of the people using health apps. It is the analytical part of digital traffic through which human behavior is studied on the platform, used for research so that more valued concepts are brought to fit the traffic.

Digital marketing in agricultural industry: India and world

Many companies are now working to realize precision farming which will be a catalyst to meet the food needs of the future. Current agricultural requirements, be it F2C or precision farming, necessitate integration of digital marketing in agriculture.

Few of the major digital technologies in agriculture

  • Field monitoring
  • Data management

The value of digitization in precision agriculture aims to create better profit and ease, which is targeted to bring educated youth to this segment. This has led to a significant impact on the market size of precision agriculture in developing countries due to the current lower cost of agriculture.

Automation in agro industry

Data Platforms: Data platforms are used to predict, guide, assist, prescribe and produce high yielding crops. It supports storing historical behavior of agricultural practices, integrating a range of agricultural data and analyzing it to derive and use resources best suited to the crop and its yield.

Scope of digital marketing

Growth in economy, which demands more entrepreneurship and start-ups, gives birth to more brands coming into the industry and their need for promotion to greater mass in a short period of time leaves digital marketing as the only and best media. This real analysis is based on data that is possible to capture in digital marketing trends.

The future of digital marketing

  • Latest tools of digital marketing

SEO A/B split test: It is one of the new tools used to increase organic traffic without. Video Marketing: It is one of the best tools for traffic engagement and to keep the audience believing and trusting the product with the concept that generates through.

Challenges in digital marketing

There are few trending tools used by marketers like HubSpot, BuzzSumo, PowToons, Apester, Google Trends which allows them to have tools for CRM, content marketing, social media marketing, develop powerful interactive sessions in terms of powerpoint, data mining, video , supports search volume comparison, making customers more attractive, stay with the brand longer, a sense of enjoyment. The quick reach and easy to access feature of the digital platform is sometimes even seen as a threat as the consumer gives open reviews that are seen by the masses and even influence the brand's sales growth.


Discipline and prevailing trend knowledge are needed when dealing with brands on a digital platform (Figures 22 and 23). This chapter discusses consumer typologies according to their psychographic segment in Indonesia and the influence of technology trends on higher aspiration purchases within online and offline markets.


The importance of a psychographic approach is to find out what underlies the lifestyle of people in Indonesia as consumers of various product brands and services that circulate in traditional and modern markets. Then the latest marketing system in Indonesia will be reviewed from both sides: offline and online markets.


Another case with existing marketplaces in Indonesia such as Tokopedia, Blibli, Bukalapak, Lazada, Zilingo, Shopie, JD.id and others also influence the shopping style of Labuhanbatu community by consuming permanent goods cheaper than prices in modern stores. ern and traditional shops. Changes in the shopping style of the Labuhanbatu community are inseparable from the role of internet operators who are increasingly competing with each other to facilitate internet in Indonesia, so that they can also shop online from the corners of the country. operators in logistics to spoil the consumer.

Characteristics of consumer markets in Indonesia

Promotion through SPG, exposing the features of the product and conducting promotions in various exhibitions. There are SPGs or people who can be asked about these products and emphasize the uniqueness of the product and its benefits.

New segments of marketing in Labuhanbatu Regency Indonesia Bella [12] wrote in marketer.com that trend technology has higher aspirations

While the go-to-market strategy is more influenced by advertising, discounts and easy to find which is very different from the previous survey which found that the go-to-market strategy places the product in the executive position with a price premium. Furthermore, there is still a gap phenomenon in increasing business performance in SMEs in both offline and online marketing systems.


Recently, with the advent of the internet, there has been increasing debate about portraying a healthier body image. However, no research to date has addressed the implications of manifesting a maintainable body image in the context of the global fashion industry.

Literature review: setting the scene—the changing roles of the ideal body image

  • Historical overview: evolution of the ideal body shape and the fashion industry
  • The television industry
  • The social media effect

The media effect: Implications for the manifestation of maintained body image in the context of the global fashion industry. However, the definition of ideal body image and media exposure has evolved significantly over the past two decades, particularly in relation to body image and eating concerns in women.


However, the expression of a maintainable body image remains an under-researched area in the media, particularly as the portrayal of plus size models on television is beginning to fuel the debate about unhealthy body shapes and lack of consumer preference. Additionally, the most important aspect is the massive growth of fitness bloggers manifesting fitness routines (eg Carly Rowena, Lazy Girl Running) and the increasing exposure of fashion brands using plus size models ie.


  • Manifesting plus-size body image
  • The portrayal and effect of skinny models

For example, the posts on social media seem to fuel debate about how large size is associated with being unhealthy and obese, e.g. This shows how the use of the terminology 'plus-size', 'unedited' and clothing' can create a buzz on social media.

Conclusion and discussion

  • Limitations

The role of the media in women's body image issues: A meta-analysis of experimental and correlational studies. The relationship between appearance-focused activities on Facebook and Instagram and body image concerns in young women.

Communication process

To share the meaning, it is necessary to use the signs and symbols of source that are appropriate for the receiver or audience. Therefore, communication refers to the circular process between the source and the receiver or audience ([5], pp. 431-432).

Promotion mix

The source must take into account some characteristics of the recipient or audience when encoding a message. It can be expressed as advertisements by large companies across the country or in many regions of the country.


Direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA) is one of the most controversial issues in the healthcare industry. This is due to the rapid increase in health care expenditure in the United States [12].

Personal selling

Although it is one element of the personal sales promotion mix, in many companies it is not a direct part of marketing communications. In the therapeutic health services, personal selling has no meaning due to the characteristics of the health services.

Sales promotions

In addition, various promotional elements, such as media advertising, digital marketing and sales promotions, must be carried out in coordination with personal selling ([8], p. 27). Home visits by healthcare professionals in facilities providing preventive health services are examples of personal selling.

Public relations

An example of sales promotions in health care is the free offering of things such as pens, calendars and similar objects with the logo of the institution or organization [17]. Moreover, the fact that there is no direct cost of the information to be transmitted to the community means that it has no cost.

Direct marketing

In addition, direct marketing differs from other communication methods and usually requires a direct response. Businesses use direct marketing to tailor their offers and content to the needs and interests of narrowly defined groups or individual buyers.

Health services and promotion

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors in the service sector. For this reason, the communication medium that can reach the target audience must be in line with the budget of the health care organization.


As in other sectors, promotional activities in healthcare have changed in parallel with the development of technology. Therefore, public relations, which are one of the tools of marketing communication, are among the indispensable marketing activities of a healthcare institution.

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Table 5 shows the distribution of results by device used and the type of content that appeared in the Top5 SERPs

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