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khóa luận tốt nghiệp

Nguyễn Gia Hào

Academic year: 2023

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Nội dung và yêu cầu cần giải quyết trong nhiệm vụ luận văn tốt nghiệp. về lý thuyết, thực hành, số liệu cần tính toán và hình vẽ). Đánh giá chất lượng đồ án tốt nghiệp về thu thập và phân tích tài liệu, số liệu ban đầu, giá trị lý luận và thực tiễn của đề tài. Trong quá trình hoàn thành đồ án tốt nghiệp này, tôi đã nhận được sự giúp đỡ, hướng dẫn và động viên rất nhiều từ thầy cô và bạn bè.

Dao Thi Lan Huong, M.A. and my teachers in the Department of Foreign Language of Hai Phong Private University for helping me through this challenging process. I would also like to express my sincere thanks to all teachers of the Department of Foreign Language for their supportive lectures during four years which provide me with a good background to complete my graduation paper. Finally, I would like to thank my family, my friends who have continuously supported, encouraged and helped me to complete this paper.


  • Reason of the study
  • Scope of the study
  • Aim of the study
  • Methods of the study
  • Design of the study

In conclusion, the study on the translation of BA terms from English to Vietnamese is very important. In addition, I could have a more thorough knowledge and understanding of English for business and economic translation in general and business administration translation in particular. BA terms are in the English for Special Purposes (ESP) system of English for Business and Economics.

I only focus on studying the translation of BA terms by referring to terms related to BA, its concepts and its equivalence meaning in Vietnamese. This final paper aims to help students increase their knowledge of business vocabulary, especially to understand the concept of business terms in depth. I hope that this study will partially help students deal with the problem of translating BA terms.

This part includes reasons of the study, purpose of the study, scope of the study, methods of the study, design of the study. Chapter two is the examination of business administration terms and their Vietnamese equivalents and exercises are given to apply for the translation of BA terms.



  • Definitions of translation
  • Types of translation
  • Translation equivalence
    • Definitions of equivalence in translation
    • Types of equivalence in translation

This method attempts to reproduce the exact contextual meaning of the original within the constraints of the TL grammatical structure. It attempts to be completely faithful to the intentions of the SL author.. a) Equal pay for equal work. Free translation is the translation that is not close to the original, but the translator conveys meaning of the SL in her/his own words.

It reproduces the matter without the manner, or the content without the form of the original. Communicative translation: Communicative translation attempts to render the exact contextual meaning of the original in such a way that both language and content are readily acceptable and comprehensive to the readership. The problem of equivalence is one of the most important issues in the field of translation.

Denotative equivalence: The SL and the TL words refer to the same thing in the real world. Text-normative equivalence: The SL and the TL words are used in the same or similar context in their respective languages.


  • ESP in translation
    • Definition of ESP
    • Types of ESP
  • TERM
    • Definitions of term
    • The characteristics of term

Formal equivalence: This type of equivalence produces an analogy of form in translation by either exploiting the formal capabilities of TL or creating new forms in TL. Some people described ESP as simply teaching English for any purpose. According to Mackay and Mountford (1978), this type of ESP is only used in the occupational environment and would not enable the speaker to communicate effectively in new situations, or in contexts outside the occupational environment (pp.4-5).

In the "ELT tree" (Hutchinson & Water, 1987), ESP is divided into three branches: . a) English for Science and Technology (EST) b) English for Business and Economics (EBE) c) English for Social Studies (ESS). An example of an EOP for the ESP branch is "English for Technicians". while the EAP example for the EST branch is "English for Medical Studies". 1983), notes that only here does the emphasis shift from purpose to subject. This type of ESP specifically deals with the anticipated future needs of English, for example scholars who need English for postgraduate reading, attending conferences or working in foreign institutions.

In the words of Nguyen Van Tu, Terminology is a word or combination of words used in a particular activity, job, profession. This part of the study is therefore based on the theoretical background of English for Business and Economics translation.

Typical Terms related to company and types of business

  • Company
  • Types of a business

A legal entity is invested, established and managed by the government.” such as the Vietnamese Agribank (the definition of a state-owned enterprise, internet: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/state-own). A business owned, operated, or provided by an individual person or an independent company, rather than by the state. (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 425). A company owned by two or more people who are responsible for the money they give if the company cannot pay its debts.” (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 319).

A business organization owned by a group of people (shareholders) who provide it with money, appoint its managers, and share its profits and debts.” Such as the limited company FPT (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 301). 34;A relationship between people who own a business together and share the profits and risks.” (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 395). A company that is 100% invested by foreign capital that people from one country invest in another country by buying real estate, building factories and buying companies.” such as the Vietnamese International Insurance Company (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 229).

A company or other organization that is owned and managed by its people who work together and share the profits.” (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 119). A new business started by two or more companies, often in the form of an independent company whose shares are; A business organization that is officially incorporated (incorporated) and owned by shareholders.” (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 122).

Typical terms related to personnel management

  • People and position
  • Power in Business Administration
  • Personnel advertisement and recruiting
  • Training and developing personnel
  • Salary and benefit policies
  • Production
  • Cost of product
  • Asset and capital
  • Income and expenditure

He was the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of the company." (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 122). A person who is responsible for running a business, or part of it, on a day-to-day basis.” (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p.242). The responsible person of the financial department of a company." (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 88).

A worker who is responsible for a group of other factory or construction workers." (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 229). The person in an organization who is responsible for the computer systems and technology." (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 90). All the people who work for a company or an organization.” (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 523).

A person responsible for or involved in creating and preparing plans of action,” (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 412). The process gives someone work or responsibility that would normally be yours." (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 148). Possible actions and their results are represented using lines, boxes and circles." (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p.144).

To place someone or something in a group with other people.” (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 92). The official power to give orders to people, make decisions." (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 30). The duty to be responsible for a particular activity, area department." (The Oxford Business English dictionary, 2005, p. 468).

The process of choosing someone from a group of people, usually according to a system.” (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 290). The quality of being loyal to a specific product, company, etc. (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 327). To pay someone money because they suffer damage, loss, injury." (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 598).

To move someone to a more senior position in an organization.” (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 598). An amount of money used to produce goods according to the quantity made." (The Oxford Business English Dictionary, 2005, p. 339).

Difficulties in translation of BA term

Suggestions for better translation

For people working in BA, each BA term is always attached to its own concept; and to name these terms comprehensively and precisely; we have to base on its concept obviously, it includes knowledge of english language. For translators, they must have knowledge of BA and read many documents related to the business field such as Vietnamese news. Along with reading business documents, translators should often practice translating documents related to those terms.

In conclusion, to translate well in BA, translators need to have many factors with experience being one of the most important. Therefore, to achieve the goal of good translation of BA terms in business, translators must conduct in-depth research on those terms.


Phạm vi hoạt động của chính phủ: Mức độ can thiệp của chính phủ vào nền kinh tế. Phân tích danh mục đầu tư: Phân tích hỗn hợp đầu tư. Quyền quản lý: đặc quyền của công ty quản lý.

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