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Event marketing : how to successfully promote events, festivals, conventions, and expositions (The Wiley Event Management Series)

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Academic year: 2023

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There is no single, definitive instruction manual in handing out the event marketing tool. I am blessed to have been associated with the best during my career. For example, Lurye established the marriage and youth program as a major part of the convention itself.



Many veteran marketers will attract participation because they can sell the festive essence of the event. For example, the "First Annual Conference" will not have a story, but can be portrayed as an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an "event" that attendees can infer will be an ongoing event, returning in a tradition and the development of long-term loyalty. The event maker positioned its promotion with the theme "Power of 10". Ten top prizes would be awarded.

What Makes the Product Unique? What makes this event different from others? Why should one choose to invest time and

Celebrating history is a wonderful promotional tool, regardless of how the event marketer wants to interpret it for the audience. Event marketing requires that the message emphasize the way in which the attendee will benefit. The promise of increased productivity, maximization of profitability, or simply good fun can be legitimate benefits that can convince a person to buy a product or attend an event.


Between practices for the performance, they passed out flyers around town advertising "Celebrate Summer at a FREE High School Concert." The night of the concert came, but only a handful of parents showed up. Instead, it can be treated as part of the organization's overall general and operating expenses. What are the financial demographics of the target audience? Analyze your market's ability to pay.


The exhibitor will be considered an integral part of event production when the budget for that event provides for marketing as the event's primary function and revenue-expenditure center. An event designed for executives who have access to corporate credit cards and can pay their attendance as a business expense is likely to be priced at a higher level than an event designed for those who must pay out of pocket their personal. Market research will help determine the ability and willingness of participants to pay ticket prices at different levels and, therefore, will influence the planning of the event itself.


You should be interested in what people are saying, and your message to the public should be carefully crafted to reflect the character and strategy of your event. The Public Relations Society of America estimates that the value of editorial coverage is three times the cost of a purchased ad of the same size and space. In his book Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson makes a compelling case for the value of public relations because he was able to follow them perfectly.


The pressure of the clock is the greatest threat to generating thoughtful consideration and meaningful consensus. What is the general attitude of the staff and the quality of their service? What are the standards of the household and the condition of the physical plant and the environment.



You will likely see the name of the event, the organization's logo, the dates and the location. They should form the basis of all market research and development of the marketing message. These short but arresting concepts are highlighted on the front page of the promotional brochure (see Figure 2-3).


All of this is highlighted on the cover of the brochure, along with the date, location of the event and pre-registration deadlines. In determining any marketing approach, be it an advertisement, a promotional video, a brochure or a flyer, the process must begin with an analysis of the audience, product and internal assets of the event or product we want to promote. A careful analysis of the audience to be attracted is essential to target marketing, print economics, mailing, list maintenance and staff time.


A reception, for example, used to be scheduled for the end of the workday (such as 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.), giving guests time to finish work and gather before a dinner or journey home. A careful analysis of industry patterns is essential for planning, which will have a huge impact on marketing. However, local public holidays, which are not the reason the event is being held, may have a negative impact on the success of the event.


When marketing an event outside of your normal venue, check with the convention bureau or chamber of commerce to determine local holidays or special events, such as parades or sporting events, and their effect on the daily pace and commerce of the city. It is up to the marketing manager to look for the unique attributes of the venue, capture these assets and leverage them to attract those guests who would otherwise not be forced to participate in the program itself. Use the local convention bureau, chamber of commerce, and host facility to get key promotional phrases and learn all about the site's unique assets.

They know the characteristics of the location and can even provide supporting literature and photos to include in your marketing elements.


For example, some of the benefits the event offers, and the expectations of your attendees, are listed in Figure 2-3. Tote bags can be printed with the name of the event and the sponsoring advertiser. Key chains, golf balls, alarm clocks, badge stickers, playing cards and specially designed chocolate bars - the carriers of specialized advertising - are limited only by the imagination.

In this case, the marketing directors of both the station and the mall were essential in coordinating the success of the event. Another important point discussed is the value of public relations as a marketing tool. The Franklin Square experience is an example of the power of public relations and the synergies it can bring to a community.

The Internet is one of the most valuable resources available for any kind of research, including market research. Website addresses live and die by their visibility, according to Net-Marketing: Your Guide to Net Profit and Success. All domain names must be registered with Network Solutions Registration Services (http://www.internic.net). The registration process is simple and can be done online. Don't forget the disconnected nature of the web. The web does not flow neatly from page to page like a book.

The good news is that some internet advertising is easily tracked by how many people "click" on the ad.

Offer Something Free

This is even more important if you run multiple ads at the same time. Advertising representatives should be willing to work with you, especially if you pledge your commitment to them, if the advertising campaign is successful. 70 percent of those surveyed know specifically what they are looking for when they use a search engine.

44 percent of internet users say they are frustrated with web navigation and using search engines. 20 percent of internet users give up completely if they can't find what they're looking for; the rest try another search engine. To register your event, visit all search engine websites and follow their instructions carefully.

Visit http://www.google.com, http://www.goto.com and http://www.al-tavista.com. This means that when a user performs a search using specific search terms, the results will be displayed in descending order according to the price paid per search. click. If you e.g. bought the keyword "balloon", your ad would appear every time someone used the keyword balloon. If you are very careful when choosing your keyword, this can provide very precise target marketing.

When you purchase this option, it's a good idea to buy it based on "click through" rather than "views." This ensures that you pay for someone who actually sees your ad.


You can post your event on other websites as well as open your website to others. This may involve the exchange of money (eg selling advertising space) or may involve an "exchange" where no money is exchanged. As you develop your strategic partners, you can promote each other through banners, buttons, text, links, and on-site direct sales.

Advertisers. This differs from traditional print methods because there is a greater willingness to display material that appeals to the advertiser. In this option, one site agrees to combine its content with another site's content as a service to web surfers, creating brand value for the content provider. With these programs, you only pay when a customer takes an action on your site (ie, registers for an event, makes a purchase, signs up for an email list, or whatever product or service you want the customer to receive).

Don't just assume you can plaster your event message everywhere once you join a group. By doing this, you can learn the tone used by the participants, what kinds of topics they discuss, and any potential points of injury. Play according to your expertise. If possible, don't even mention the affiliation of your event.

If you know your website's audience and their demographics, you can market your site more directly to your target audience.


The financial philosophy of the organization and the overall objectives of the event will determine the desired FAMOUS. You will usually see a combination of these sources on the revenue side of the event budget. Comparing sales in the geographic area of ​​the event to national averages in comparable markets.

The budget should include all expenses related to the marketing plan and discussion of their importance to the overall success of the event. Biographies of the speakers should be distributed both in advance and on site. Ongoing maintenance of lists is critical due to the mobile nature of the membership itself.

Without the participation of an enthusiastic, excited audience, the quality of the event itself becomes academic. For marketing, this means that the promotional weight can emphasize the location as well as the purpose of the event itself. Naturally, the nature and level of sophistication of the event will influence the marketing approach.

Nothing demonstrates credibility like editorial coverage of an event and its purpose. Two weeks before the event, newspaper ads began to reflect the fun side of the event. To build excitement for the event, registration parties were held at Bloomingdales, one of the event sponsors.

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Figure 1-3 illustrates classic public relations devices.
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