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Thư viện số Văn Lang: A History of Male Psychological Disorders in Britain, 1945–1980

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Academic year: 2023

Chia sẻ "Thư viện số Văn Lang: A History of Male Psychological Disorders in Britain, 1945–1980"


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Wilkins, Untold Problems: A Review of the Essential Issues in the Mental Health of Men and Boys (Men's Health Forum, 2009), p. For a full account of Halliday's theories and his use of National Insurance claims as 'psychological documents' see Hayward, The Transformation of the Psyche, Chapter 3. Pemberton, 'The Origins and Early History of the Society for Social Medicine in Great Britain and Ireland', Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

The age of anxiety and the emergence of the concept of 'stress' is also discussed at length in Rhodri Hayward, The Transformation of the Psyche in British Primary Care London, Bloomsbury, 2014), Chapter 3. For a full account of Halliday 's use of national insurance claims as 'psychological documents', see Hayward, The Transformation of the Psyche, Chapter 3, 'Social consciences'. See 'Psychological medicine in general practice: A report prepared by a working party of the Council of the College of General Practitioners', British Medical Journal, 6 September.

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See Christopher Tennant and Paul Bebbington, "The Social Causation of Depression: A Critique of the Work of Brown and Colleagues," Psychological Medicine.

2 Mental Health at Work: Misconceptions and Missed Opportunities

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21.4% of the 'frequently ill' group had episodes of neurosis, as opposed to 12.5% ​​of controls. Gunnar Nerall and Ingrid Wahlund, "Stressors and strain in white-collar workers", in Lennart Levi (ed.), Society, Stress and Illness, Volume 4, Working Life (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1981), p. Wall, ' Use of the General Health Questionnaire as an Indicator of Mental Health in Occupational Studies, Journal of Occupational Psychology at 188.

Taylor's study of oil refinery workers, for example, uses the terms neurosis and nervous breakdown interchangeably. Mark Jackson, The Age of Stress: Science and the Search for Stability (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2013), p. Recently explored in Palmer, "Cultural Change, Stress, and Civil Servants," and cited in Jackson, The Age of Stress at p.

For an account critical of unions, see Peter Bartrip, 'Workmen's compensation', in Paul Weindling (ed.), The Social History of Occupational Health (London, Croom Helm. David Blumenthal, ' Employer-sponsored health insurance in the United States – Origins and implications', The New England Journal of Medicine, 6 July at 82. Rachel Jenkins, 'Lower psychiatric morbidity in employed young men and women and its contribution to sickness absence', British Journal of Industrial Medicine at 150.

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3 Men, Alcohol and Coping

For a history of AA, see Ernest Kurtz, Not God: A History of Alcoholics Anonymous (Center City MN, Hazleden, 1999 edition) and Alcoholics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age: A Brief History of AA (New York, AA World). Services Inc. 2012 Edition). There is little emphasis on AA in this book, mainly due to the fact that its history is well known, and while acknowledging that many patients could benefit from attending AA alongside and after treatment, many doctors were skeptical. organizations. Confidentiality issues made researching AA virtually impossible, and many doctors found the organization difficult to deal with.

Max Glatt, on the contrary, who promoted a more holistic approach, praised their methods and promoted them. Denis Parr, "Alcoholism in General Practice", Miscellaneous Papers, Personal Papers of Sir (William) Allen Daley PP/AWD/H.6/3/2, Wellcome Archives and Manuscripts, also published in British Journal of Addiction. Sir Allen Daley, a medical officer, was a member of a number of committees concerned with preventive medicine and health education, including the Rowntree Steering Group.

For udviklingen af ​​tidligere organisationer og samfund såsom National Council on Alcoholism, se Thom, Dealing with Drink. Morrell, 'The Steering Group on Alcoholism of the Rowntree Trust', British Journal of Addiction to Alcohol and Other Drugs. Camberwell Council on Alcoholism (herefter CCA), Diverse korrespondance, SA/CAA/17, 'An Alcohol Information and Discussion Week', Medical Officer, 31. december 1965, s.

Foulds and Christine Hassall, "The significance of the age of onset of excessive alcohol consumption in male alcoholics," British Journal of Psychiatry. Although social aspects such as childhood and marriage were taken into account, the authors of this retrospective study of alcoholics linked alcoholism and interpersonal problems as evidence of personality disorders and neurosis. The authors argue that the government and media continue to focus on female drinkers, even though alcohol-related death rates are twice as high in men as in women.

Parr, 'Alcoholism in general practice', C1957, Papers of Sir Allen William Daley PP/AWD/H6/3/2, Wellcome Archives and Manuscripts. David Robinson, 'Alcoholism as a social fact: Notes on the sociologist's viewpoint in relation to a proposed study of referral behaviour', British Journal of Addiction at 97, 94. Thom notes that a shift away from disease theory towards a public health model of prevention came first in The 1980s.

4 Pharmacological Solutions

The influence of different sources of therapeutic information on prescribing by general practitioners, British Medical Journal, 7 September. Karen Dunnell and Ann Cartwright, Medicine Takers, Prescribers and Hoarders (London, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1972), p. Dunlop went on to become the first chairman of the Committee on Drug Safety, which was known for many years as the Dunlop Committee.

Lascelles, 'A double-blind study of Durophet M in the treatment of obesity in general practice', Journal of the College of General Practitioners. See, for example, Judith Williamson, Decoding Advertisements: Ideology and Meaning in Advertising (London, Marion Boyers, 2002 edition), p. For example, the tricyclic antidepressants claimed to act at the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine – MAOIs claimed to reduce the breakdown of serotonin.

A point made in many of the oral history interviews; however, many doctors preferred the traditional envelope style for storing patients' notes.

5 Special Cases: Sick Doctors and Ethnic Presentations of Psychological Illness

5 Special Cases: Sick Doctors and Ethnic Presentations of Psychological Illness. a'Brook, 'Psychiatric illness in the medical profession', 1018. See for example the report of Robin M. MRCOG – Membership of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists examination.). Jill Pereira Gray, Editor, 'The GP's Family', Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Studies prior to this were limited to lunatic asylums in the United States in the nineteenth century. Theories about the connection between the 'civilizing process' and insanity have a much longer history, dating back to the nineteenth century, and led subsequently. Simon Dein and Kamaldeep Singh Bhui, 'The Crossroads of Anthropology and Epidemiology: Current Research in Cultural Psychiatry in the UK', Transcultural Psychiatry on 771.

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Mental Health Foundation website, 'Black and minority ethnic communities', at http://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/ help- information/ mental- health- a- z/B/ BME- communities/ accessed 13 March 2015 See for example Ruby Greene, Richard Pugh and Diane Roberts, Black and Minority Ethnic Parents with Mental Health Problems and their Children, Research Briefing (London, Social Care Institute for Excellence, 2008), p. Hamid Rehman and David Owen, Mental Health Survey of Ethnic Minorities (Ethnos Research and Consultancy, 2013).


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