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Travel and Tourism Public Relations: An Introductory Guide for Hospitality Managers

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Academic year: 2023

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Standard PR Tools and Most Common

Travel and Tourism Audiences (Publics)

In addition to the increased interest of the business media, another important factor that has contributed to the growing importance of PR in the travel industry is the explosion over the last 20 years of news media outlets dedicated to reporting on travel and tourism. Every Friday, USA Today, America's largest daily newspaper, publishes an extensive travel section, and national newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times have also expanded their weekly travel and tourism coverage.

Ten Largest Travel Agencies

Giving greater impetus to the spread of PR through travel and tourism in recent years has been the explosive growth in technology, particularly the Internet and the emergence of hundreds of new channels on cable TV. This has necessitated a greater availability of travel and tourism spokespeople as news organizations scramble to fill time and space gaps on a day and night.

The International Travel Press: The Rules

Department of State (www.fpc.state.gov) in Washington, D.C., and ask if there is a foreign press center in your target cities. Called "What's the Buzz in Washington, D.C.?" it featured a creative cocktail and bug-shaped chocolate candies as a welcome back treat.

10 Ways to Manage Communications

Since the beginning of modern public relations in the early 20th century, practitioners have struggled to define what they do. Of those, however, only an estimated 5,000 of the approximately 20,000 PRSA members have achieved professional status by passing PRSA's rigorous written and oral accreditation exams.

In-House PR vs. Outside Agency Support

Modern public relations goes back more than 100 years to the beginning of the 20th century. PR emerged at the height of the Industrial Age in American history. For the magazine, most of the visual support is in the writing, in the painting of these pictures.

Moreover, the writer will appreciate your efforts and it adds to the credibility of the trend. Transportation is one of the most comprehensive sectors of travel and tourism PR due to its multiplicity of components. Almost all offices and agencies employ a senior practitioner to handle media relations.

An example of the special focus on the latter group appeared in the July 3, 2004 issue of The Washington Post. It can truly be considered as one of the iconic brands in the international corporate community.

Press-Friendly Web Sites

Whatever the event, the hotel PR manager can greatly improve the local news coverage of the event if the proceeds from the event can be earmarked for a local charitable cause. The role of the PR manager at these shows is to meet with media representatives to promote the hotel.

Grande Lakes Orlando—Redefining

Results: From televised coverage of the 1,200-job recruitment effort to anticipation of the opening, Grande Lakes Orlando was featured in top outlets across all targeted media categories. Newbies to the practice can witness many standard PR tools, messages, media targets and audiences in action at the smallest possible scale.

How to Use PR to Grow an

Attend workshops such as the Inn Deep Workshop for Aspiring Innkeepers in Cape May, N.J., or take small business development classes at a local college, or intern at a B&B. B&B Info Embossed Soap; toilet paper stamped with B&B information; postcards/note paper and pens/pencils with B&B information;. Do things that will attract press coverage, such as a charity home tour or sponsor a fundraiser for a local organization in need, such as the local library.

Let the press know what guests are saying about your B&B through your in-room guest diaries or on sites like www.tripadvisor.com.

B-Roll: An Essential, Cost-Effective PR Tool

Of all the major travel and tourism sectors, restaurant PR requires some of the most specialized knowledge and language. I have received press releases that do not include the restaurant's address or phone number. Airlines use almost every public relations tool available to communicate with their key audiences.

This results in a close interface with most of the same target groups as the other sectors. One of the most effective PR tools for the industry is introductory (“fam”) trips for travel writers and travel agents. Another Hudson Valley landmark is the campus of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park.

The required education and number of years of experience naturally depends on the level of the position. And all offers were listed on the SeeAmerica website with direct links to the site where the offer could be purchased.

Restaurant Openings and Beyond: Tips for

In all cases, I recommend that you communicate directly with the restaurant's owner, service director, and chef. After you write your fact sheet and chef biography, you release information to targeted press who write opening pieces. Never hesitate to use non-customer restaurants to get your customer a seat - letting your customer do part of the story is better than no job at all.

Still, if the goal is to create buzz, this is another way that some publicists choose to beat the competition and increase the restaurant's popularity.

Communicating with a Food Reviewer

PR practitioners who can arrange for their restaurant chefs to appear alongside celebrity chefs can reap huge benefits for their chef's reputation and the restaurant's success. That's why experts in the field recommend that PR newcomers engage in a serious self-study program to quickly learn some of the basic esoteric terminologies common to the food and beverage industry. Despite this dominance and record numbers of air travelers at the beginning of the new millennium, the airline industry was hit hard by the deadly terrorist attacks against the United States on Sept.

Other factors that negatively impacted legacy carriers' revenues were the war in Iraq, the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemic in 2003, and rising oil prices.

Airline Media Relations: Buckle Up

This advice is true whether you join the staff of a PR consultancy with an airline account or the media relations staff of the carrier itself. A key airline medium to communicate with customers is the monthly "in-flight magazine." All the old carriers distribute these magazines to passengers by placing them in the back pocket of each airplane seat. But due to the financial turmoil that hit the legacy carriers in the last decade, the airline media segment that kept many practitioners busy was the financial/business press.

These changes are very similar to what the high-end segment of the hotel industry now offers.

Launching Queen Mary 2: A Public

Any price increases were focused on the higher price of a one-day ticket to one park, rather than the more common consumer practice of purchasing multi-day tickets to Walt Disney World's four theme parks - Magic Kingdom, Epcot. , Disney-MGM Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom. After "Magic Your Way Vacations" was announced in the media, the resulting coverage was much more positive. Headlines included "Disney World Creates Flexible Ticketing Policy" and "Mouse Customization: Disney Reveals Price Change." The comments from third-party experts were much more positive and accurate about the impact on consumers and Disney's bottom line.

Grunig says in his book Excellence in Public Relations and Communications Management: "The primary goal of PR is to save money for the organization by building public relations that limit or enhance the organization's ability to accomplish its mission." One way to identify qualified candidates is to ascertain whether they are members of the two largest professional organizations—the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)—and whether they are fully qualified. accredited as professionals by those groups. At this point, it is appropriate to ask the finalists to "pitch" the account in formal, in-person presentations on your dashboard at your premises.

How GMCVB Used PR to Promote Miami

For example, one of Miami's biggest tourism competitors, the Caribbean, has beautiful beaches, but lacks a critical mass of world-class art and culture, nightlife, shopping, cutting-edge cuisine, or cultural diversity. The millions of dollars in publicity generated over the past few years that have strengthened Miami's competitive brand have been invaluable. GMCVB teamed up with Art Basel Miami Beach officials to bring in dozens of major international and domestic press to cover the glamor and cutting-edge art, as well as Miami's hip year-round arts and entertainment scene.

Consistently looking for opportunities over the past several years to reinforce Miami's brand as a hip, cultural, cosmopolitan community in the global media, the GMCVB's PR team has helped make Miami a place that people all over want to visit year round - not just winter.

Cooperstown (N.Y.)—More Than

Tour operators and wholesalers are a core audience not only for destinations and attractions, but also for all major travel and tourism sectors. Some of the most prevalent tourism niches today are adventure travel, agritourism, geo/ecotourism, heritage/cultural tourism, and volunteer tourism. While the largest amusement/theme parks and attractions have an entire public relations staff, many smaller parks and attractions rely on media relations support from the IAAPA—.

In a category of its own is The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., which is not only a tourist attraction but also bills itself as the "largest indoor family theme park." The center includes over 500 shops, 60 restaurants, dozens of rides, nightclubs and an aquarium.

Customizing “The Mouse”—Or How Disney

The revised media strategy kicked off with the launch of "Magic Your Way Vacations," and emphasized the flexibility and affordability of the new program. Out of pocket expenses are usually invoiced at cost price and are exclusive of the retention fee. We support the government's efforts to improve safety and we as an industry must work together to restore consumer confidence in the safety of the US.

Having the opportunity to experience a "hot" new restaurant in a city is one of the features that makes a press invitation more likely to be accepted by. Although they may not have an assignment at the time of the trip, the best freelancers can take one press trip and turn it into multiple stories. Some may be less so, especially if one or more of the writers exhibit boorish behavior.

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